Monthly Archives: November 2009

Like a Phoenix

Out of the ashes, I rise again.

When my old blog died a quick and unexpected death, I settled into a mini-depression that proved how integral writing is to my everyday life.  It also provided me a little angst.  I had come to depend on this literary outlet as much as my readers did. 

My initial blog came about based on a 2009 New Year’s Resolution to my writing buddies at Live Journal.  It quickly became a lifeline to myself.  I am a writer: introverted by nature and good with words–when I can jot them down.  For the first time, I had opened the metaphorical door and stepped out of the all-too-real, writing closet.  This step forced me to take myself seriously as a writer. 

I thank my devoted followers who got lost in the death of my old blog.  Hopefully you will join me in this new endeavor.

For those whom I have yet to meet, thanks for checking me out.  I hope somewhere along the line I can impart a little wisdom, a laugh or an aha moment that lets you know you are not alone in this world wide web.

warm fuzzies~ cat