Like a Phoenix

Out of the ashes, I rise again.

When my old blog died a quick and unexpected death, I settled into a mini-depression that proved how integral writing is to my everyday life.  It also provided me a little angst.  I had come to depend on this literary outlet as much as my readers did. 

My initial blog came about based on a 2009 New Year’s Resolution to my writing buddies at Live Journal.  It quickly became a lifeline to myself.  I am a writer: introverted by nature and good with words–when I can jot them down.  For the first time, I had opened the metaphorical door and stepped out of the all-too-real, writing closet.  This step forced me to take myself seriously as a writer. 

I thank my devoted followers who got lost in the death of my old blog.  Hopefully you will join me in this new endeavor.

For those whom I have yet to meet, thanks for checking me out.  I hope somewhere along the line I can impart a little wisdom, a laugh or an aha moment that lets you know you are not alone in this world wide web.

warm fuzzies~ cat

6 responses to “Like a Phoenix

  1. Oh yay, I am so glad you are blogging again! RIP, old blog. And hugs for you!

    • I am too. I was so bummed. For the first week I thought, “Technology.” Then it became painfully clear that my old blog had plain given up the ghost. And it wasn’t even around Halloween. Nope. Something way worse…NaNoSeason.

      I have a little work to do to get this blog up to snuff–finding my old links and all–but at least I’m back.

      I see you changed your blog address too. I’ll check you out once I finish my NaNo novel.

  2. So glad you came and found me on WordPress! I am so glad to have returned.

    • Michelle, yours is beautiful–and so fun. I love reading what you are doing.

      There is something magical about a well done blog and I’m glad to have tracked you down. For me, I was amazed at how lost I felt without mine and how excited I was when I started up again.

      • Oh, thanks so much! I know what you mean, I love blogging. I didn’t blog for a while during the summer and I really felt like something was missing. I’ve never been able to figure out what exactly makes it so satisfying, but I love it! And love reading other people’s blogs too.

        Which reminds me I need to update my sidebar . . .

      • I think it’s such a fun and unique way to connect. Facebook is not nearly as satisfying to me as reading other people’s blogs. My sister in law loves FB because she likes looking at everyone’s pics. I enjoy the peek I get into people’s lives by sharing on their blogs. Different strokes for different folks…

        I agree with you in that blogging is super-satisfying. Not sure why? Maybe the introvert in me cries to get out in a safe way?

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