Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Writing Conundrum

It seems fitting that my blog should usher out the old and welcome the new. 

Not only was yesterday the last day of the month, but it was the last day of my favorite month.  Alas, midnight saw the end of  NaNoWriMo.  For those just joining me, that is the 30 days when writers of all ilks try their hand at penning a 50,000word novel. 

This morning I sat at the counter with my steaming mug of vanilla hazlenut and grinned like a coffee addict in Starbucks.  I had accomplished two great things: finishing my novel–complete with the words “the end”–and surpassing the the 50k word minimum.  At night’s end, I clocked in at just over 60,000words. 

Dear Hubby provided the appropriate praise, then asked, “So now what are you going to do with your time?”

Out with the old, in with the new.

In terms of writing, I will go back to the manuscripts I have edited to a thin inch.  They have sat in their dark manila envelopes waiting for the moment to wow me again.  After the rush of NaNo, I should be able to look at them with a fresh perspective. 

In terms of my life, I shall work on giving my house a much-needed facelift.  My NaNoBuddies laugh at me because my closets are always in need of a good reorganization.  We have confirmation coming up in a few months and I shall be prepared.  Okay, I might be lying about that, as I seem to thrive on procrastination and last-minute deadlines, but a girl can always dream…

Professionally, I have some tough choices to make.  Lately the discussion around the house has been, “So, what does a writer make?”  “So, what types of things can you do as a writer?”

Juvenile fiction will be my reigning triumph as a writer.  However, there is still a solid market out there for freelance writing.  Columns, articles, projects, etc….  If one is hungry enough. 

I’m beginning to feel the pangs. 

I love writing.  All kinds of writing.  So why do I have such a narrow focus on reaching my goals?  Does freelancing diminish my dreams of writing juvenile fiction, or will it enhance them?  The question definitely deserves serious consideration.

In a recent article I read by an editor, but didn’t retain pertinent info in my gray matter for a proper quote, said something like this: don’t dismiss outside markets as a way to break in. 

In the world of technology our words can be found everywhere.  Blogs, comments, chats, tweets, ezines, websites….  The list is endless.  The opportunities are limitless. 

I am thrilled to have finished another manuscript–my first totally completed, very rough draft of a Young Adult novel.   It can join the stable of manuscripts in various stages of polishing while I work on my game plan. 

From now on, my literary year shall begin on December 1st.  Finishing a major writing project seems like the perfect time to start anew.