Daily Archives: December 3, 2009

Rah, Rah and a Rant.

As some of you know, I just finished up with National Novel Writing Month.  What I didn’t tell you is that NaNoWriMo is my writing sanctuary.  It is a place where I feel totally comfortable and have some pretty awesome cyber friends. 

In 2007, I “met” a group of wonderful writers.  We encouraged each other on to win the purple bar of goodness (which is reaching the 50k word goal and getting a “winner” bar on your profile), and in the process forged a pretty serious bond.  Each year, our family grows with a few new faces, while others hang back as Real Life keeps them from the race.

This year, our little group consisted of seventeen women.  No, we are not sexist, we would so allow men within our borders, but I think we jabber a little too much for the testosterone-types.  Anyway, fourteen of us received the winner’s bar, making our success rate over 80%.  Overall, NaNo’s average success rate hovers around 17%.  We have some serious writing mojo!

Yet that’s not even the best part.  One of our crew threw out THE MILLION WORD CHALLENGE.  She dared our little clan to type our way to 1 million words in just 30 days.  Our success is my Rah number one!

Rah number two regards my youth group.  My last blog was out of commission during November, so I was unable to give kudos to a fun, funny and compassionate group of kids.  This year, they single handedly fed five local families complete Thanksgiving dinners. 

Pies, whipped cream, turkey, gravy, corn, olives, pickles, bread, you name it.  If it was on your table, it was in the baskets they delivered.  Overall, they self-lessly provided food for over 25 people who otherwise would not have been able to share in this Great American Tradition.

I love my kids.  All twenty of them. 

And now for the Rant.  Winter is here.  Snow, wind and cold arrived on our doorsteps this morning.  Corralling winter clothing in our house is akin to organizing a parade made of cats, rats and bats.  In other words: impossible.

Yesterday, the littles dressed in their full winter gear and headed off to school.  Like all wonderful children, they left half of it there.  Boots.  Hats.  Mittens.  Over the years, we have collected a fair amount of emergency winter wear.  You can do that with four kids.  However, during my morning taxi route, I did have to drop my Middle Son off sans boots.

Immediately after getting out of the car, the boot Nazi chewed his butt.  I could see the spittle fly from her lips and freeze in mid-air.  He stood on the cement, raised his little hands in the air and dropped his head in shame.  Sheesh.  He’s only a second grader.  And it is the first snow fall. 

All she had to do was let him go to his classroom and get his boots so he could enjoy the winter wonderland with his friends.  But no, she had to cut him down.  In front of his peers.  And his heartbroken mom.  Where’s the love?

I bet the boot Nazi didn’t make Thanksgiving dinner baskets when she was a kid…

warm wishes on a chilly day~ cat