Daily Archives: December 23, 2009

Gearing Up

Work, my real job, has kept me off my blog.  In the upcoming days it will be snow and the Holidays. 

Here in our little town on the prairie, we are gearing up for a whopper of a storm.  Twelve to eighteen inches of snow, strong winds and drifts from six to ten feet tall.  Sounds fun!

Smells like a great setting…

  • For the picture book: something about snow angels.
  • For the chapter book: weathering disappointment and making the most of the situation after missing that all important and anticipated event due to snow.
  • For the middle grade novel: stranded at school over Christmas break.  Seriously, could life get worse than that? 
  • For the YA: okay, this topic may be overdone already, but still with a unique twist, it could be spectacular.

I’ll leave the adult themes up to those who write them.  Namely my thriller or romance friends who could definitely use a snowstorm to create the right amount of drama and tension. 

I may post between now and next Monday, but then again, the holidays and the storm may keep me sufficiently occupied.  In case I don’t “see you” again, I wish you all a blessed holiday season.

As I say to my big kids when they leave the house: be safe, be good and have fun!

Happy Holidays~ cat