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Word War Winners

First I have to thank everyone for their highly amusing and creative definitions.  I had tons of fun with this contest and sorting through the comments to pick the winners was nothing short of a riot.


  1. The technique of burying the body before someone finds the culprit and connects the evidence with his crime
  2. A delectable treat that feels it’s not quite sweet enough to be a blueberry or a raspberry but a lesberri….awhhh!
  3. Artificial berry flavoring for those who are allergic to strawberries or other berries, but still want the flavor. (completelyorganic, hypoallergenic, gluten and sugar free.)
  4. A lingonberry cocktail popular at particular bars.
  5. A berry that does not require pollen distribution for reproduction. 
  6. The smoothie flavor preferred by 8 out of 10 women in East Portland.
  7. Cap’n Crunch’s newest flavor, due to economic conditions.  Creatively defined  by Layinda.



  1. A close cousin of the pannini, only thicker.
  2. The sound you make when someone in the kitchen turns on the dishwasher and you are in the shower.
  3. Emotional fit of apocalyptic proportions; the odds of death at the hands of the person having the kannini is 99.9%.
  4. The sound a car makes when it’s trying to start but can’t quite turn over. Kanninikanninikanninikannini.
  5. A toasted flatbread sandwich made with kangaroo meat. Kanninis are outlawed in 63 countries, but Williams & Sonoma secretly crafts a wildly popular Kannini iron made especially for the black market. 
  6. The question whether you are allowed to eat at this time.
  7. A fluid-filled cyst found in the folds of an obese mobster. Don’t bust my kannini!  Creatively defined by Charlie.



  1.  The quality of a tree no longer inanimate felled in a storm causing major damage
  2. When one of Scarlet Whisper’s strategic plans goes awry, the result is “tregic”.
  3. The sticky stuff that gets all over your hands when you climb a tree.
  4. The latest in tween slang. (Pronounced like tres chic.) “Did you see that? It was soooo tre-gic!”
  5. Three catastrophes at the same time.
  6. Poor tread on one’s snow tires. As in, You need new tires, those are tregic.
  7. The state of being sucked into a couch and spit out the other side in to a magical world. I went tregicing and found The Land of Zoozula.  Creatively defined by Charlie.



  1. Itchy, red pustules found on one’s inner thigh from too much friction. She has a bad case of the samels.
  2. A type of open toed footwear marketed by the makers of the snuggee. These wedged slip on sandles are lined with hand combed camel fur.
  3. The word that caused Eddie’s Used Camel Lot to go out of business. He wanted a sign that said “Sale! Used Camels Cheap!” The sign maker screwed up and sent him one that read “Samels! On Sail Cheep!”
  4. The opposite of differentials.
  5. Sandals for camels so they don’t burn their feet in the desert.
  6. Someone who smells the same all the time and is able to be identified by their particular odor.  And the tie goes to Siggy.
  7. Best friends who always dress the same and act the same and sound the same. As in, “She’s my samel”, a “They’re a pair of samels”.  As well as Michelle for their creative definitions.



  1. Someone who is obese whose work as a writer is panned when a picture was enclosed with his/her manuscript: a tragic story
  2. A spicy, bitter alcoholic Italian drink infused with the blood of angus bovine. Cowpari’s marketing campaign has been very successful in the vampire niche market.
  3. The latest style on the French Riviera for cows. Cowpari pants are all the rage for bovines.
  4. When a dairy farmer milks two cows at once.
  5. A kung fu move crossed with a fencing move for bovines.
  6. A cut of women’s pants that is very unflattering. 
  7. The language of cows- Moo means “hello” in cowpari.  Creatively defined by Charlie.

And the Bonus Win goes to Michelle for providing a word verification word of her own.  Mudgin–aka a small, fictional amphibious creature from The Chronicles of Narnia.

She gets the delightfully charming and ever informative book The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box by Lynn Price.  To collect your book, please shoot me an email with your address. 

Congratulations to the winners and warm fuzzies to all who participated in creating our Word War Cyber Dictionary.  You rock my socks off!

What’s your favoirte definition listed?