Daily Archives: January 20, 2010

Wish for Hope

This morning I would like to send my heartfelt prayers to the victims of violence. 

The news this morning highlighted another earthquake in Haiti when they can ill afford any more tragedy.  It also described the gunman on the run in Virginia.  His death spree yesterday has caused schools to be closed today as he is still at large.  Floods ravish California and a standoff took place in Sioux Falls with a gunman and the police.  And that was in the five minutes I watched while trying to figure out if school would again be late.

So much hurt in such a small amount of time.  It seems as if our world is a Shakespearean play and too many people are the unwilling actors. 

I would like a new script.  One with less pain and more hope.

Please leave a comment adding your wish or prayer for the day.  Spread the word to those who could use some inspiration. 

hugs and warm fuzzies to all my cyber friends and beyond.  May your day be filled with some small ray of hope and happiness.