Prepped and Ready to Go

Today is a great day.  I get to fly off into the sunset…scratch that, I’ll actually be heading east and will have a better chance of watching the moon materialize in the night sky.  Regardless, it is still a great day.

DH and I are going on a much needed trip.  I have my Kindle, a few swimsuits and my DH.  What else does a good vacation need?

Right.  Peace of mind. 

Thankfully I have that as well.  My in-laws (two of the most amazing grandparents ever) are coming down to stay with the kids while we frolick on the beach.  The emergency phone numbers are written down.  Schedules are printed.  Dates and times of events are laid out in an orderly fashion.  Closets have been organized, the house cleaned and the cupboards full.  My check list is done.

Ever wonder why we put so much effort into vacation plans and barely any into our writing careers?  I used to write simply to appease my muse.  However, the writing community has encouraged me to take a much more proacrive approach.  My career path is no longer as distant as the Carribean is from Minnesota.

With our crunched economy and the down-sizing of the publishing industry, I have started considering my writing as a whole and the impact of everything I do on my futre career.  Due to technology, writers have to weigh their words today to keep them from nipping us in the butt like a swarm of sand fleas five years from now.

Gone are the days of simply prepping our manuscripts.  Now e have to prep ourselves.  We have to set out on a journey with clear destinations in mind (picture book, non-fiction, horror, romance, big house, little house), all the while hammering planks into our platforms to support our choices.  In short, we have to come to agents and editors prepped and ready to go.

One can no longer book a flight out of country on a whim.  Without the forethought of securing a passport, we will never board the plane.  Likewise, without some sort of plan in place, we will never succeed in seeing our work on book store shelves.

Prepare, oh writer friends, prepare.  Research your destination and lay the ground work for a smooth and worry free vacation.  Let your writing journey be a pleasure cruise…

Do you have clear cut goals beyond “getting published”?  Have you written a marketing plan or anything else concrete?  What have you done to build your platform and give yourself agent appeal? 

I will miss you all while I’m gone, but will return to catch up on my blog and yours on February 8th.  Until then, keep writing!

20 responses to “Prepped and Ready to Go

  1. Cat, as always, you pose some great questions. Having a plan beyond next week, or that next edit is so crucial. Short, mini steps to that goal can help us get there, but without that big plan we may miss the boat.

    Have a great vacation– you’ve earned it. 🙂 And I will miss your blog posts. They always make me smile and get me thinking.

    (Will you be sneaking onto the internet at all? Just curious because if it were me it might be hard to stay away. But then again warm sandy beaches…)

    Have a great time! 🙂

    • TK, I wanted to check out the net and keep up on my blog while gone. However, it was cost prohibitive to even think about doing so. We did email the kids a few times at 55 cents a minute, but that was the extent of our cyber connections.

      Vacation was wonderful. I could write a thousand and one posts on the experience and I’m sure some of our travel ventures will make it into my blog over the next few weeks!

  2. You and your DH have a GREAT vacation and enjoy that beach.

    Great post and, yes, to answer your question; I have been preparing myself. The goal for me at the moment is to get a grasp on the publishing industry as a whole, finish my novel, while in the mean time try to build up a network of friends in the industry and fellow writers for support and advice. Also, I’m taking a writing class at my local college and seeing what they can do to plug me into college publishing opportunities or anything else that may help me in my platforming during submission.

    How about you? You mentioned planning, but what are your specifics?

    • Void,

      You sound very grounded and deliberate in your writing career. That’s so awesome. Too often, and yes, I am guilty of it, we set out without really considering what it means to be a “writer”. In the past year I have really begun to consider my life as a writer and am working towards finding an agent for my juvenile literature. I have a few ms completed and a few in various stages of completion. My hardest part is simply getting the submission from my house to the agency. I am a slow submitter, which makes it a very long process! Thanks for asking.

  3. Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time!

    And, I don’t know if you will get it before you go, but I have left you an award!

  5. I don’t plan too much in advance, although I did take the advice of online friends and begin a blog. I’m still at the early stages of this vacation planning – but I guess it’s time to putting in more prep work 🙂

    Enjoy a fabulous vacation!!

  6. Have a wonderful time!

  7. Enjoy your wonderful break! I hope it brings restoration and whatever you would hope to get from it. I agree with the planning of things. I spend more time thinking about consequences, etc. Especially more so than I did when I was younger. 😉 Take care.

  8. jmartinlibrarian

    Have a wonderful, relaxing, restful, rejuvenating trip!

  9. Cat, I have a little something for you over on my blog. 🙂

  10. Good thoughts Cate. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

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