The Writing Wagon

I am officially falling off the wagon.  My addiction to the world wide web and all the cyber fluff that goes with it is simply too strong to ignore.  Even though I know it is bad for me.  Even when it conspires against me.  Even when I should be cleaning closets and preparing for an upcoming confirmation.  The pull is too great.

Bad addiction experience number one: I had written a romantic, fairy-taleish kind of story for Short Fiction Sunday, being it was Valentine’s Day and all.  However, somewhere between writing it and posting it, the cyber monster ate it.  Or maybe took it home to his cyber-partner for a bed time reading.  Regardless, it is gone…

Bad addiction experience 2: Saturday was a temperamental internet connection day and I’ve been so busy since dawn on Sunday through now that I didn’t even try to see if the quirks had been dequirked. 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

I don’t know why I want to fall off the wagon, as the internet is time consuming and so far hasn’t gotten me a contract yet.  However, it’s an addiction thing and, like all addictions, it cannot be reasoned with.  Not to mention that I feel a little nekkid when I don’t spout off daily.  Also, I’m going through withdrawals for not having visited my favorite blogs by my favorite writers since pre-vacation.  I must do that soon or I think I’ll shrivel up and die. 

The reason behind the hiatus–beyond the obvious new suntan–was the fact that I ended up with a doozy of an inner ear infection.  For six straight days I felt perpetually inebriated.  To the point where I couldn’t open my eyes and focus, I fell on my face if I bent down to put my shoes on and I had the bed spins when I tried to fall asleep.  Lots o’ fun.

Or maybe that’s what happens when I don’t feed my addiction.  Maybe my ten day vacation initiated withdrawal symptoms from the hot spot and the only cure is to fall off the wagon and connect once again to my writing world.

I’m going with that. 

Because I think the worse addiction is starting something and never following through.  Writing is a tough gig.  Connecting and maintaining friendships takes time and energy.  Going from wanna-be writer to published author is not for the meek. 

I willingly embrace the responsibilities and fun that go with the cyber portion of my writing career.  It is definitely a wagon I am willing to hop off.

Man, it’s good to be back!


22 responses to “The Writing Wagon

  1. Glad to have you back, Cat. The cyber addiction is a tough one. I know I’ve tried to quit and I fall off the wagon each time. I think balance is the key here, though I’ve lost the key before and had to have a new one made… *sigh* Oh well. At least we’re all in this together. 🙂

  2. I was inadvertently on the internet wagon this weekend, busy because of Valentines Day and President’s Day. I am paying for it now! When I opened my email this morning, there were 473 in my inbox! Ugh!

  3. Happy to see you! Balance is definitely the key. I’ve done better since I limit my Twitter and Facebook time. However, it still sometimes takes way too many hours to write a post, and I also spend too much time on comments. Maybe I overthink everything…

    • Patricia,

      I am not too big on either Twitter or Facebook, so it is not quite so hard for me. However, I am an Agent Query junkie and when NaNo is in season I can barely remember to eat!

      Like you, I like to leave comments on other’s blogs and sometimes spend more time than I should contemplating what to say. I can be long-winded…on paper.

  4. When my internet addiction becomes to strong, I take the ol’ laptop somewhere where it can’t connect and then write until I drop. ^_^ Good to have you back.

  5. That wagon is no fun anyway. Glad to see you back! 🙂

    • Michelle,

      It could be fun. If we got some haybales and sang a few inspiring songs…

      • But it would be more fun if it had wireless internet and laptops for all of us. HAHAHAHA!

        I fear what would happen if you and I ever got together in real life. I think we would giggle so much that we would drive everyone around us crazy, and they would cast us out. But we might not notice; see “giggling”, above.

      • Wi-fi on the hayride… sounds divine. However, if we are both on it, then we wouldn’t need any other form of entertainment! I’m thinking head phones for the other hay-rackers so we can enjoy ourselves to our utmost ability!

      • Although I DO enjoy singing inspiring songs, as long as we don’t have to sing that horrible Arky Arky song . . .

      • How about Found a Peanut with all the various and odious versus that ever there was?

        And a few made up ones to boot?

  6. I’ve definitely cut back a lot, so I miss so posts, that’s what’s happening. I try to sneak in times here and there, but I subscribe to like 250+ blogs so I can only get to so many.
    Don’t worry, yours is on my “must read” list 😉

    • Andrew,

      I can’t imagine having 250 blogs on my list. I would have to start taking no doze followed by a Red Bull chaser just to keep track of them all!

      The one thing I do, is that when I have been awol, I only read the latest post of my blogs to follow. This saves considerable time, but leaves me feeling guilty.

  7. It’s a tough balance! Today’s been a very loooooong day & I’m trying to keep up with blogs – and over 50 showed up for me to check on tonight!! Don’t think I’ll get them all in 🙂

  8. I prefer to think of it as a way of life rather than an addiction 🙂 I find, though, that there’s an ebb and flow to the Internet for me, so I tend to just let my life find the balance. There are times when I get so caught up in things outside of my online life – I can actually spend days away from Twitter, blogs and Facebook 🙂 And then there are times when I do feel like I’ve been glued to the screen. I just tell myself it all enriches me as a writer!

    • Belle,

      I try to spend an allotted time each morning on the internet. This used to work fairly well until I took a part time job outside the home. I’m trying to find that balance again. And it seems as if I’m perfectly fine without Twitter or Facebook. It’s the blogs I’m addicted to!

      OR may just the connection to the other writers through them…

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