Life Quirks: Fact is better than Fiction

Yesterday I spent my day on the fly.  I had a HUGE project to work on (13 hours total by the time Iwent to bed) and a ton of running to do.

Not the get-your-heart-rate-up-cuz-I-wanna-be-skinnyless chubby, but the taxi driver, errand kind of running.  For the first half of the day I threw on my comfiest clothes while I did my creative thinking for the project. 

Low and behold, noon barely squeaked by and I had an urgent need to begin running.  Not wanting to be a total geek, I swapped my jammie pants for a day-old pair of jeans (because they were still clean and right at the end of my bed, just slightly baggy.)  They went beautifully with my hundred-year-old, navy blue sweatshirt (which looked hot with my gray t-shirt sticking out the bottom–very 80’s.)  And lest I forget, I must add that my socks were white gym socks (because what else goes with jammie pants?)  These I slipped into a pair of black dress shoes (because they were easy to get on and were by the door when I donned my taxi hat over my bed-head pony tail.)

And this, my friends, is how I presented myself to my community at no less than five places of business. 

I know, you’re all shaking your cyber heads right now and pretending not to know me.  However, I had the most amazing epiphany while waiting in front of the clothing store for my DD and her friends. 


If I wrote romantic fiction, I would never have my MC be the clutzy young lady as a way of meeting the hot male protag.  Oh no, I would write myself right into the pages. 

Hot male protag would stumble across the hidden secret that his seemingly put-together flame is really a fashion faux pas of the worst kind.

Writing YA?  Heck, what a better way to  forget it.  I can’t divulge that storyline just yet!

And the list goes on…

What life quirks do you have that would make fantastic novel fodder?  Have you used them in your own writing?  Or, are you the quirky character that gets written about and don’t even know it?

14 responses to “Life Quirks: Fact is better than Fiction

  1. I’m dying to know your DD’s reaction to your outfit! Mine might have walked right on by and pretended not to know me. 🙂

    I’m oblivious to door jambs, tables, shoes on the floor… I bang into, trip over and stumble past these things all the time.

    I’m also quite well known for not being in the loop. Well, actually any loop. I never know anything about anyone or anything. 🙂

    And yes, some of this ends up in my writing!

    • Jemi,

      Honestly, she’s used to it. I hide behind the steering wheel on most days I don’t work outside the home. In fact, her text to me after I informed her I was wearing slippers at the time of her request to ferry her and her friends was: Your red ones? Just wear them inside.

      It’s pretty easy to write your own quirks into a manuscript if you’re okay with them. Or even aware of them. My DH always laughs at me because I apparently have the almost-compulsive habit of shaking things. When I brought home a box of crackers for him the other day he asked if I shook them in the store. As if…. Although I most likely did!

      *sigh* We can’t all be perfect!

  2. Cat and Jemi you’re so funny!

    Cat, love the outfit, and since we’re talking about style and fashion I’ve got one for you. Every morning the bus driver comes to the house to pick up my youngest. And every morning she sees me in the exact same sweatshirt. In my defense the bus comes so early I don’t care what I look like. I change right after the bus leaves, hair make up and all. But then I realized that bus driver must think I’m … well ya know. So now I purposely switch it up and alternate my sweatshirts daily. Sad thing is it’s almost the end of the school year and I just now thought of it! *sigh*

    • TK,

      I totally picture the lone sweatshirt hanging in the closet! That’s such a fun image and could easily be incorporated into a great character quirk. Wouldn’t the chick lit MC just die to know the mailman, UPS guy, bus driver, neighbor and Schwan’s man all converse at the local pub regarding her single-sweatshirt wardrobe? In front of hot male MC?!?!?

  3. After reading your post I forgot to tell you that I have a blog award for you over on my blog! Guess I was laughing too hard. 🙂

  4. I just wrote a short story where the protag was a writer who liked writing in coffee shops, but hopefully that’s the only thing we have in common!

    My real life issue is my hair. I tend to wind it up on top of my head and forget about it when I’m getting the kids ready for school in the morning and then dropping them off. This has occasionally caused a few blushes when I have been out and about and unexpectedly caught my reflection long enough to realize that I forgot to fix it. 🙂

    • Layinda,

      I’ve never actually tried writing in a coffee shop. I think I’m too much of a rubber necker to actually get anything done! I mean, seriously, there’s so much novel fodder that comes through the door…

      I am so with you on the unexpected reflection. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own little world I forget what I look like until those horrible reminders!

  5. I love the visual of your outfit! Very nice. 😉 I’m the type of person that I do something embarassing when no one is around and then go tell everyone about it. Afterwards I think, what the heck is wrong with me. Sheesh! I guess I just like to entertain everyone.

    • Lisa,

      I love that quirk. I’d give anything to perform all my character flaws in front of the Geriatric Lab. However, I seem to be much more public about my mistakes! Wouldn’t want the canine world to have all the fun…

  6. The trouble with quirks is, I notice everyone else’s but I’m not aware of my own. To me they seem normal!

    But I think I share Jemi’s tendancy to not be in the loop. I haven’t a clue about sport, soaps or celebs. My first job out of college was in a deli in a swanky part of London. The country’s most infamous soap star used to come in and I hadn’t a clue who he was. All the rest of the staff were swooning behind the shelves while I blithely served him cheese. I heard a giggle from the watchers as he handed over his credit card, and a gasp as I failed to react.

    • Roz,

      That is a wonderful story. I’m sure your infamous soap star was a bit miffed at your lack of swooning!

      Not to mention I think it’s perfectly okay not to be in the celeb loop. I’m not–by choice–and don’t regret it for a second.

  7. I wrote about my biggest quirky characteristic on my blog yesterday — I trip and fall a lot. I’m trying to cut down though.

    I also bump my head on the cupboard door, bruise my shin on the open dishwasher door (even though I opened it and I’m looking right at it), and drop my keys between the driver’s seat and the console. A klutz. And I’m a slob too. I like sweatpants and big T-shirts. If I do wear them out in public, I pretend I’m just running this one errand on my way to the gym. 🙂

    • LOL, Patricia.

      I’ll have to pretend I’m just on my way to the gym as well. As to the falling, I hope you’re okay! It’s never fun to be a Klutzy Carol. My niece is like that and we have all had our share of giggles over her mild mishaps.

      And since you aired your quirk, I’ll share one of my DH’s biggest pet peeves that I do. I lose track of my thoughts mid-sentence. Yet that’s not the worst of it. I often forget I was even talking and even when prompted fail to come up with the last half of my sentences.

      These memory lapses elude me : )

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