Am I dreaming

Last night I was visited by Mr. Toad from the Wind and the Willows.  The night before, the Weasles sang their way through my nocturnal musings.  I’m not strange, I’m just a very vidid dreamer who appears to incorporate the characters around me into my subconscious for later digestion.  In fact, I can not read Jurassic Park or The Lost World without being chased by dinos.  For weeks.

Other memorable characters have been Cassie Logan from Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, the demon Bartimaeus from his named trilogy and White Fang.  Jules Verne constantly led me on adventures as a child.  Most recently, Kristin Cashore’s Gracelings have blessed my slumbers.

I love when these characters debut for me in my own personal stories. 

Do characters haunt your dreams?  If so, who are the most Famous MC’s that have romped through your night?  What have they done?


16 responses to “Am I dreaming

  1. Okay, it wasn’t a book, but when I was in middle school I had this great dream where I was in the camp with Hogan’s Heroes and part of the action. I don’t recall any of the details anymore, but it was a really fun dream. 🙂

    • Layinda,

      I loved Hogan’s Heroes! We didn’t have a television for much of my childhood and when we did get one sometime in upper elementary school, my big sis and I would watch Hogan every day. In black and white, mind you. Was that how the show was?

      Now I’ll probably conjure up an escape or two in my dreams tonight!

  2. I don’t remember any book characters showing up in my dreams, although I often revisit scary scenes in my nightmares. I’ve been stalked, and most recently I had a dream that reminded me of that big wood chipper scene from Fargo. Sometimes I wonder if I should be writing horror — then maybe I could dream about Mary Poppins…

    • Patricia,

      LOL on the genre switch. I wonder if that works. Empty your mind (onto paper) of the bad things and there’s only room for the good. Write about happy, fluffy stuff and there’s more room for the sinister to creep in…

      I wonder if there’s a correlation here.

  3. Well, I would lying if I said Edward Cullen doesn’t make an appearence in my dreams occasionally….

  4. Oh yum Shawna! Wish I could manage that. Last night it was my main characters for the screenplay I’m going to be writing. I also dreamed about the book I’m currently reading “If I Stay” (great book btw). Needless to say, I feel somewhat exhausted this morning, feeling like I didn’t sleep deeply but on the outer verges of it all night long. [stretch, yawn, rub my bleary eyes]

  5. Jurassic Park has haunted my nightmares for over a decade. I also once dreamed that Sarah Plain and Tall tried to kill me (don’t ask).

    • Christina,

      I get the dinosaur fear, but Sarah? That comes out of left field. And if she can induce night time angst, nobody is safe!

      Hope she hasn’t visited lately…

  6. The shark from Jaws stuck with me for a very long time.

  7. I’m a vivid dreamer too – and the dreams are usually very unpleasant. Not sure what that says about me!

    The most vivid book related dreams came after I read the Shining in high school. I couldn’t sleep for weeks without going back into that house. *shudder* I’ll probably revisit there tonight 🙂

    • Jemi,

      Sorry if you had a “Shining” relapse last night. Sometimes my dreams are so vivid I have had to ask real live people to help me sort them out. Once I was convinced my nephew had been dead for some time. It took me a half a day and some serious snooping to ferret out the truth in that.

      But isn’t it true that the bad is the stuff that sticks out the most in our minds?

  8. My dreams are always very vivid, and often they are like watching a movie or a novel come alive, only not any novel or movie that actually already exists! I used to have a running mystery dream, where I would dream different chapters every night. It’s probably no surprise that I love to go to sleep and dream! I don’t have bad dreams very often, either – the last time I had one, I was 16.

    • Belle,

      I couldn’t imagine not dreaming. My DD and DH say they don’t. Your comment highlights how wonderful life can be–even in sleep–for the vivid imagination!

      But wow, no bad dreams? I just died in a snow storm the other night. Froze into the ice, unable to take another step. Then yesterday I woke up sure that my youngest was no longer with us, thanks to a dream on scrapbooking.

      Maybe I need a shrink!

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