The last vestiges of snow melted from my backyard yesterday, leaving me with a view of spring.

Crumbled leaves, broken flower stems and matted grass litter my little corner of heaven.  My passion for spring runs deep.  I love the pungent odor of newly turned soil, the cleansing scent of spring showers and the perfume of fresh blooms.  My fingers itch just typing this.

In much the same way, I love editing a newly finished manuscript.  There is so much debris that needs swept aside, words that can be cut and hauled away, scenes that can be transplanted and new ideas incorporated to flesh out the story. 

Gardening and editing are two of my favorite things.  They both require creativity and organization.  And when they are complete, the end product is delightful.  My garden is my favorite place to write.  It inspires me.  My writing is always richer when I’ve had a chance to phyically mold and shape my outdoor office.

I cant imagine one without the other.

What are you passionate about?  How does your other passion complement your writing?  How is the process of each similar?


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  1. Dear Cat,
    It is my passions that drive me , my sense of curiosity, wonder–every thing that keeps me going. Writing is just a vehicle to express all those passions that are bursting to come forth. Sure, writing is a calling and one way I express myself but it is only the tip of the iceberg.
    I do obey my muse when I write but it is every thing bubbling below the surface that compels me to write. It is the stories–often vignettes, often conflict and humor I want to express. I do not always know where it is going to go but I follow the threads. I live to write not the other way around.
    Without passion and conflict and humor and let us not forget curiosity there is nothing to write about.

    • Amen, Siggy.

      Without passion there is nothing to write about. Period. End of story. Nor is there motivation to take on the tiresome and long journey of writing, editing and submitting.

  2. I didn’t do anything in my garden last summer except fight the thistles (and they grow right through cardboard, by the way). It was so depressing, because gardening has been a passion for me since I was a kid. I’m going to try something new this year with raised beds in a different location, so wish me luck.

    • Patricia,

      Sending you oodles of cyber green-thumbs. I find that with each passing year, my passion for spring and gardening grows. And if there is anything I’ve learned over the years, it is that thistles are the most persistent plant alive. Okay, maybe Creeping Charlie, but still. They would grow in the least fertile spot in the world and still bloom for the occasion.

      Best luck. We’ll have to exchange garden stories along the way.

  3. I have a little area next to my garage that I call “The Oasis.” A pea gravel pathway with multi-colored impatiens planted thickly on both sides, leads to a little marble topped table with two black wrought iron chairs under a shady tree. I love writing there in the summertime.

    • Layinda,

      It sounds divine. I can picture the sweating pitcher of lemonade and two half-full glasses of ice as you relax with a good book and a great character or two!

  4. Teaching is my biggest passion. I love helping the kids connect with their strengths and explore their abilities. It’s such a joy to see them grow over the year(s) and become more confident, more able. Love it!

    • Jemi,

      How wonderful that your passion is your job. Not everyone can claim to be as lucky as you. And I guarantee, not everyone rocks their career path quite like you either. : )

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