I apologize for being out of the blogosphere.  Unforseen circumstances have kept me busier than expected.  If you’re new to my blog, feel free to look through my archives.  For those true-blue followers, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled posting on Monday.

Thanks for your patience.


6 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Hi Cat, I know what you mean. The last couple of weeks have been like that for me, too. I hope everything is okay. 🙂

  2. It seems to be crazy times all over – take care!

  3. I haven’t been up to my normal activity either. As summer approaches I’ll have less time to blog. But maybe we can at least keep in touch two or three times a month!

  4. As Jemi says, it seems to be that time of year! I’ve managed to post but keeping up with my favourite blogs has had to go by the by. Hope everything’s okay!

  5. Good luck on your other stuff! I hope things get back to normal in your life soon.

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