Daily Archives: April 20, 2010

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Yesterday our geriatric lab made a trip to the vet due to a severe limp.  She had reinjured her shoulder while playing catch on Sunday and by Monday morning she could barely walk.  She needed a refill of her pain meds and her steroids to keep the swelling down.  Today she is a different dog.

My manuscripts get that way sometimes. 

During an edit I can take out too much or tinker around in all the wrong ways until I nearly cripple my story, forcing me to start all over again. 

But that’s the beauty of editing.  With our wonderful technology, we can play around with each draft until we find what works. 

It’s like a quick trip to the vet clinic.  When something doesn’t achieve our desired results, we try a new prescription. 

Have you ever tinkered too much with a manuscript and had to start over again?  What elements do you find yourself most likely to over-edit?  Or not edit enough? 

Do you use beta readers to help diagnose your problem areas or do you self prescribe?

Happy editing!