Bread Dogs and Killer Instincts

Two summers ago, our backdoor neighbors’ son lived with them.  His baby, a pit bull, also lived with them.  Now, I was not opposed to them opening their home to their adult child, but I was a wee bit disconcerted over the fact that my young children would share the same play space as his pit bull.

DH and I cautioned our children not to run and scream when the dog was in the back yard.  We explained that they shouldn’t approach the dog like they would the other dogs in the hood.  We talked extensively about the history of pitbulls and how they were bred as fighters.   

My youngest, four at the time, took this to mean the dog was made of bread.  And while we all got a chuckle out of it, the fact that the Bread Dog came with a killer instinct was never far from our minds.

The thing about pit bulls is that they never give up.  Even as their life blood flows from them with a mortal wound, they clench their jaws and refuse to let go.  And they always go for the jugular. 

A writer friend of mine is a pit bull.  Even in the face of disheartening news, she has refused to leave her keyboard and her next story.  She is smart, talented and hardwired to never give up.  Writing is her life. 

She is a pit bull, tenacious and strong.  Molded for one purpose.  Bread to write.

Today I would like to honor all my writer friends and their drive to succeed.  I would like to offer up some hope that hard work and perseverence do pay off.  For if a manuscript is never written, it cannot be edited.  And if an edited manuscript never makes it to an agent, it can’t be rejected or accepted.  And if it is never accepted, it cannot be published.

Hang on to your dreams.  Embrace your inner Bread Dog.


14 responses to “Bread Dogs and Killer Instincts

  1. I love this post. If you are a writer, write. That’s my thought, that’s my life. I cannot NOt write. It is what I do, whether or not it’s contracted or I’m compensated. I often feel like stories are out there awaiting a voice, and if I don’t use mine, someone else will. Stories need to be told. I like to tell stories. And so I do.

    • Kim,

      Your quote “I often feel like stories are out there awaiting a voice, and if I don’t use mine, someone else will” is perfect. That is exactly how I feel about writing. There is a story in everything and we have to be brave enough to tackle them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Tee hee. I hopped over here for a little diversion while wrestling with a story that is, quite frankly, behaving badly. I am taming it slowly. Your words come at just the right time! Sadly, writing doesn’t get any easier and we need to embrace our inner bread dogs for our entire writing lives!

    • Roz,

      I hear you. I’ve been writing for over a decade and it seems to get harder the more I learn. Either that or I get pickier about what I’m doing.

      Glad I could help cheer you up and get you going on the right path! Best wishes.

  3. Great post! She certainly is a pit bull and will definitely prevail in the end. The combination of determination and sheer talent has to win in the end!

    Okay – I’ve got to go search out my inner bread dog 🙂

  4. What a great post, Cat. Thanks. Woof. 🙂

  5. One must be sure to never leave one’s bread dog out in the rain. Hmmm, bread dog doesn’t seem as able to teach us as much as CGB. Maybe he’s a sidekick.

  6. Thanks for your post… very timely, as I’m currently at the point of giving up on my story, even though I’ve already written 40, 000 words on it, it’s probably my best work yet, and I like the characters. Just a wee bit discouraged, I guess 🙂 But not anymore, thanks to you. I’m ready to tackle this thing.

    • Mia,

      Never give up. Just move on. When I’ve felt stuck, I’ve simply inserted a red line or two about what I think might need to happen and pick up writing where I know things are going and am excited about writing again.

      I hope my little blurb helped and that you tackle your story with renewed vigor.


  7. I think I want a Croissant Bread Dog. He’d be so cute! What an adorable post Cate. And thanks a bunch for the encouragement; something we all need from time to time. Here’s to you and your inner Bread Dog!

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