So, I’m a snob…

This morning DH got up early to work out.  I got up early out of guilt (yeah, I hate to think of him thinking of me snoring while he’s lifting weights) and the need to write.  Mornings are the quitetest times in our house and my day is so jampacked I knew I would have to write now or never.

Anyway, when I turned on the light, the newspaper was sitting there.  I try not to read our paper in depth because I’m a snob.  But the article on the front page intrigued me.  A few pages in, an article made me snort my coffee onto my keyboard.

The reason: the article was on a class to teach the uneducated about Face book.  Now I have a FB account, but use it infrequently.  Again, I’m a snob and I won’t go into detail about why I don’t use it often.  Let’s just say that the idea of grandpa’s trading crops online is more than I can handle.  And grannies doing the Mafia Wars?

People are addicted to this thing.  It’s like crack.  One of the gals I know won’t eat dinner until after she’s played Farmville.  I’ve seen families ripped apart because Mom Facebooks and leaves the sixteen-month-old to it’s own devices or because Dad hops on for a little dollop of extra-marital spice.  I’ve heard adults say things they shouldn’t be thinking, let alone be doing and airing it for the whole world to see.  And let’s not forget the teens…

Got bombed again last night.  Can’t wait for round two tonight.

How does housework and homework get done?  When does the dog get fed?  And worse yet, when do people really connect anymore?

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Facebook.  In fact, the concept of it and social networking in general is a good one.  However, we are a gluttonous society and we don’t know when to stop. 

I just worry that by addicting Grandma and Grandpa, we will feel less compelled to spend time with a generation that really needs that physcial, human connection.  We will isolate them further and degrade the last years of their lives.

Call me a snob, but there you go.  I would much rather spend time face to face with someone than a computer screen.  I also think social networking has a way of getting out of hand rather quickly.  I’ve been guilty of it.

Do you think the class will give tips on limiting Facebook time?  Somehow I doubt it.

How do you prioritize your computer time?  Do you ever find yourself losing track of real life because cyber life is so enticing?  Have you spent your writing time tweeting about your breakfast, snack, coffee break, lunch…?  Does your productivity in writing and life decrease with the use of social networking?

*Disclaimer: this is not to say that I don’t socialize online.  In fact, I love my writing community and wouldn’t give it up unless it seriously impaired my real life.  But hey, as a snob, I can pass judgement…that’s what snobs do.*


16 responses to “So, I’m a snob…

  1. I taught a writers’ class on social media for beginners, and setting time limits was one of my warnings. Another was not to play the games on Facebook (time suck) or click on links (risk of hackers/spammers) unless positive they were safe. I say the same about Twitter.

    You can call it snobbery if you want, but your post sounds more like common sense to me. 🙂

    • Patricia,

      I just see how social networking seems to be taking over all other forms of communication with certain demographics. I hate to think of people wasting their time without realizing it. Now, if it’s a conscious effort to spend fourteen hours a day, then I guess that’s a choice. I just know that I get wrapped up in things and I forget to come up for air!

  2. Hello, my name is Shawna and I’m addicted to Facebook!

    It has become a huge problem for me, especially since I am now a stay at home mom. I live for the stupid games on there and think everyday, I really should be doing something else! Yet, I don’t!

    I don’t prioritize my computer time and I really need to start. I’m taking babysteps…I have been getting off long enough to workout every morning, next step, add an hour of writing every morning. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. It is so easy to zone out on Facebook! But one positive for me with it, is I have gotten in contact with people I haven’t seen for years that moved away when I was a kid and I think that’s just amazing. I get to see all about their lives and their kids even though I’m thousands of miles away and I love that!

    But I do agree with the posting too much info! Seriously, I do not need to know what you are doing every second of everyday…REALLY!

    • Shawna,

      I don’t do any of the farming stuff, but I know a lot of people who do. I guess I’m more opposed to the insider info that you get when you’re not asking for it. TMI happens too darn often. I think it’s just easy to lose track of who sees what!

  3. All I do on FB is keep track of what my friends are about. I’ve read some stuff that they probably shouldn’t have posted , and my in-laws are addicted to every kind of ville, city and park on FB. I however, shun them as I do scrapbooking. Count me among the snobs.

    Blogs take up a lot of my time, but I tell myself that my blog reading and writing will not exceed one hour. Sometimes I make, sometimes I don’t, but I’ve never read blogs all day before, so I think I’m good. ^_^

  4. Cate, I’m hardly ever on facebook. I tweet when I post a new blog. Other than that, I try to stay off of them. They can take up loads of time. Besides, no one cares what I ate for breakfast, and I’m not about to tell them anyway. 🙂

    • I care! But only if you’re going to share a fresh cup of tea, some oj and a homemade pancakes with me!

      Like you, I think people get carried away with every little detail of their lives. Or, conversely, use it because they feel very self-important and actually believe people want to know what they ate for breakfast, snack, lunch, appetizer and dinner : )

  5. I haven’t signed up for Facebook yet. I don’t have ANY extra time and it seems like ‘just one more thing’. My son rarely uses his computer – only for homework and guitar teaching videos. My daughter uses hers more & has a Facebook page, but rarely uses it for more than making plans. Her security features are locked up tight. My hubby doesn’t give a hoot about computers at all. So we’re not a FB family. Maybe I can be a snob with you!

    • My daughter is the facebooker in the fam, as well. It amazes me what these kids say to each other. As if parents or other adults have fallen off the face of the earth.

      My DH is a non-computer user as well. I think he gets enough of it at work. And his phone supports emails. Talk about being connected all the time. Sometimes technology is such an invasion into personal life. I feel bad for those who have to carry their jobs with them.

  6. There’s nothing snobby about not digging the crap games that pollute Facebook. I don’t play them either. My FB time is tempered by my husband, who doesn’t bother with social networking at all.

    • Christina,

      I heard a radio questionnaire about facebook in which people actually said they would pay to continue playing the games on there…. I have plenty of weeds in my garden if anyone wants to help!

  7. My sister is a “look what I just had for dinner” facebooker and I’ll never quite understand it.

    I think people just need to learn their limits. Moderation seems to be a word that was taken out of the dictionary years ago and we need to re-establish it, not re-define it!

  8. I have a Facebook page to promote our farm and the farmer’s market we attend but I think that’s different. In fact, Facebook is a great tool for connecting with people in this way because it is all free. Now the games, like Farmville, are way out there, imho. We have real chickens and cows and don’t need to trade online for pretend animals. I don’t get it, but then I’ve never played it, but I understand it is very addictive. We use to play board games and sing around the piano. Do you suppose anybody does that anymore? I agree with you totally on this and I’m proud to say, you can call me a snob too.

    • Yvonne,

      Whenever DH’s family gets together, we play board games. No singing, but sometimes there is piano playing! We also have friends that just hang out and play games socially. So much more fun that way. But then again, without social networking, I wouldn’t know any of you!

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