It’s All About Style

Let’s just say that procrastination is my strong suit.  Certainly not remembering to sew patches onto Cub Scout shirts.  Nor actually sewing them on. 

Last night was the Blue and Gold Ceremony for our middle son.  He earned his wolf badge and a plethora of other arrows.  All which need to be sewn onto his uniform.

While dressing for his big event, he donned his Cub Scout shirt with its various, already-earned badges.  The ones I didn’t sew on like a good Girl Scout.

Nope, I velcroed them.  I know, it doesn’t win me mom of the year award, but in defense of me, I did try to sew them on by hand.  It was a pain in the thumb.  And the palm and the finger.  By the time I was done trying to keep the patches straight, I had more pinpricks than a pin cushion.

So I gave up and used the mighty, magical velcro.

Other parents fessed up to gluing theirs on.  A handful hired out, while still others actually whipped out their sewing machines and did it themselves.

The result was the same.  All our boys had patches on their shirts in all the right places.  Only our methods had varied. 

Writing is like that.  Each story has a beginning, middle and end, but the way we get there is very different.

Style.  It is something uniquely your own.  It is your voice, your flow, your sentence structure and your way of sprinkling detail into a your story.

There is no right or wrong way to write.  Unless, of course, you don’t write at all.


16 responses to “It’s All About Style

  1. I don’t sew – at all! This would be a nightmare for me. So glad my kids didn’t do Scouts/Guides. I would have been the mom hiring someone else. Or maybe I would have used a stapler. Or handed it to the kid.. 🙂

    Such a good point about our writing. No right way, no wrong way, just our way 🙂

  2. Loved your comparison and segue from Cub Scout patches to writing. Good job. Thanks for the reminder too.

    • Ardee-ann,

      Hopefully the reminder helps us all remain true to ourselves. I think the tendency for writers is to try to write like someone else and we forget that we are in charge of our own stories. Not that help with tweaking isn’t desirable. Just the total loss of self.

  3. Great post! It doesn’t matter the way the writing gets done as long as it gets done. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    • Laura,

      I hope it helps. We need to keep our unique styles and voices, rather than letting fail to write out of fear that we don’t measure up to what has already been done.

      Thanks so much for your comment and stopping by.

  4. You brought back a horrible memory of me sewing on Cub Scout patches while I was so sick from the flu, I think the Hong Kong flu, that I thought I was going to die (but I was determined to do those darned patches before I kicked the bucket).

    Honestly, I wish I had that kind of commitment to my writing. Maybe I’d be famous. 🙂

    • Patricia,

      LOL! Glad you got the patches on and survived the flu! I hear you on the committment end of it all. If I were half as committed to sending out queries as I was to velcroing on the patches, I, too, would have my name on spines!

  5. From the girls bag of tricks – Hollywood Fashion Tape! I keep this stuff in my purse and use it for everything: dropped hems, bursting buttons, straps that don’t stay, one time a collegue used it to keep a slip on that lost its elastic. This stuff is wonderful and would work great for this little patches.

    Kisses to your angels –

  6. Honestly, I like the idea of using velcro. Then the patches can be repositioned at will! I was sewing a Halloween costume when I broke the only needle on the only sewing machine I had available, and I remember finishing that project off with staples!

  7. We just did the Wolf to Bear crossover with younger son last Thursday. My sewing machine is down right now – fortunately, my sister has one. Velcro was a good idea!

    • Layinda,

      Awesome. We had four in our troop do the crossover. I think it doesn’t happen enough and that somewhere along the way, those kids get too busy to continue. Which is too bad, because the whole moral and ethical basis of scouts is so solid. Maybe the disillusionment has to do with moms that wait for the last second to velcro on patches…

  8. I like velcro writing. It gives, “this conflict feels tacked on,” a whole new meaning. ^_^

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