Ahhh, spring is really here!

Today I get to plant trees.

Lots o’ trees.  My father in law has hunting property that needs a few (roughly 750) new trees planted to provide sufficient cover for the deer.  A crew of us will be planting our little hearts out for the day.

Hope your day is fulled with satisfying labor, whether it be a thousand words on a new manuscript, mowing the lawn or cleaning your house.

Everybody needs a little break in their routines.  I’m just glad mine will be outside!


12 responses to “Ahhh, spring is really here!

  1. As if I didn’t have enough to do on my “weekend off” — I added a class on screenwriting to my schedule (I’ll be a student for three hours tomorrow morning). But our weekend here will be cool and rainy so it doesn’t matter. I’ll be saving outside activities until the first of next week when spring returns to Northern Colorado.

    • You’re a very busy lady, Patricia. I wish we had the opportunity for writer’s groups and classes like you do in your area. It would be nice for some face to face time with other writers.

      Hope you had a fun weekend!

  2. What a great thing to do, Cat. I’ve been wanting to plant some fruit trees in our side yard (the one I’ve adopted and been working on). I was thinking about a pear tree and a cherry tree. I hope I can keep them alive, though…

    • TK, keeping them alive is the easy part. Cleaning up after fruit trees in a back yard is a whole nother story! In Cali, as a child, we had an apricot tree. I swear we picked up five gallon buckets full every day!

      But they were yummy!

  3. That’s an awesome thing to do!! I hope you get losts of back breaks – have fun 🙂

    We’ve got rain today. Hard to even mind it – the ground is totally parched and desperate for a drink.

    • Jemi,

      We’ve had rain over our little prairie almost daily for a little over a week. The timing was perfect for the farmers to get their corn in.

      Hope you enjoyed the patter of rain. I always find I write better when the day is cloudy and gray : )

  4. That sounds like fun! And it’s such a wonderful thing to do for the environment and animals. It’s going to be hot here this weekend and should remain pretty warm from now on. I can finally pack away my winter clothes and bring out my summer stuff, yay! I’m going to my 5-year-old nephew’s Teeball game today. That’s always entertaining!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Laura,

      How did the Teeball game go? They are so fun to watch at that age. And what a great aunt to go and watch. I always admire rellies who attend things like that.

      Your an inspiration!

  5. I only have one tiny pine sapling that my youngest gave me for my birthday two weeks ago, and I haven’t managed to get it planted yet! You are my hero. 🙂

    • Layinda, you will treasure tha tlittle pine sapling as it grows. My dad planted a pine for each my little brother and sister’s births. It’s amazing how their growth is a reminder of the wee days!

      I bet the deer and rabbits think I’m a hero too. They’re probably already munching the buds…

  6. There is no doubt a change in your routine is essential in shaping and changing the perception of your world. We become all too easily become blind to our surroundings. Every person needs mini vacations every day to stay “fresh” otherwise we become jaded. And that is a trick to see the things we no longer see. The world is infinite and we have some control to see the slightest bit more. There is no other way.

    • Siggy,

      What a great reminder to enjoy the tiny things in life that we otherwise take for granted. I hope your weekend was filled with happiness and beautiful miracles.

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