Daily Archives: May 10, 2010

Word Drips

A few times in the last week, the boys’ bathroom floor has been soaked.  I blamed it on Oldest, who showers there.  I thought he wasn’t tucking the shower curtain into the tub and water was pouring onto the floor.  You know, Lazy Teenager Syndrom.

DH believed the shower curtain was old and defunct.  His version of the soaked floor was that water ran through the shower curtain, down the side of the tub and onto the floor.

Whatever the reason, it was a whole lot of frustrating.  Some mornings the floor was wet and others, bone dry.

Last night we learned it was the toilet.  Apparantly it needed a little attention.  So, we wrapped a towel around it to save us from yet another morning mop job.  It wasn’t enough.  The towel was drenched and a huge puddle covered the entire floor.  Last night was no little leak.  Not like before.  It was a whole flood of water–of the clean kind, thankfully.

Often times writers discuss their daily writing goals.  How many words?  How many pages?  A chapter?  A scene?

Some writers just try to write, while others try to reach a certain level before calling it a day.  I’m from the write ANYTHING camp.  After all, doesn’t even one sentence a day make your novel/project a handful of words longer?

The only exception to this rule of mine is during NaNo.  There I write my required 1,667 words to reach my 50,000 word goal in thirty days.  Other than that, I write my little word drips down as they come.  Sometimes they arrive in a tiny dribble and other times by flood. 

Yet these words keep adding up.  One by one, line by line, page by page.  Eventually a manuscript is finished and I can begin filling my  new manuscript with words. 

Because, really, even a flood starts with one tiny drop. 

How do you write?  What makes your writing day feel complete?