Daily Archives: May 15, 2010

When Novel Fodder Happens

This morning found me on the wrong end of everything.

Dear Daughter needed a ride to school to catch the bus for a baseball tourney.  No problem.  Early morning runs are part of my taxi gig as a mom.  As are late night ones.  And mid day runs.  And I-forgot-my-clarinet runs.  And….  In my next life I’m coming back as my daughter’s daughter to collect my taxi tokens–with interest.

Anyway, I swear I put on more in-town miles in a day than most commuters do in a week.  This means my gas tank dwindles faster than it should.  It dinged at me after the school run yesterday, but I was too rushed to pay attention.  Then, it dinged at me again for the dance trip, and a third time after the movies.  But, I was too tired to stop and fill up.

At 6:00am gas was the farthest thing from my mind when I drug myself out of bed and drove DD to the school.  Which, incidentally is truly the farthest thing from gas in this town.  Every gas station is on one half mile strip of road on the very east part of town.  The school, and my gas-less truck, was on the very west side of town.

And I, with my pink capri jammie pants, green t-shirt, red slippers and bed head was somewhere in between when the engine started coughing.

I had no cell phone.  Never do.  DH is four hours up north fishing, so couldn’t be my knight in a gray Tahoe anyway.  Thankfully my truck spluttered to it’s death in the gas station parking lot.  However, I had no credit card and had to go in to pay.

The only thing that could have added to my morning novel fodder was if my DD’s bus–filled with “hot” baseball players–would have driven by as I stood at the pump.  I would have waved.  She would have hated me. 

As much fun as this would have been, we’d have been even.  And there’s nothing I want more than to come back and collect those taxi tokens.  In the meantime, I’ll settle for torturing her with dancing as I drive.  She loves that–almost as much as I love running out of gas in my jammies.

Hope your day is filled with happiness~ cat