On the blog, not at home.

I finally summarized my projects, talked about a few of my favorite books and updated the list of blogs I follow.  In addition, I added a page of inspiring stories.  If interested, you can find this info under my tabs or on my sidebar. 

In the process of blog keeping, I found some new artwork to decorate my post.

I’m going to hang my Happy 101 Sweet Friends Award from Laura Marcella here.

Laura writes a wonderful blog.  Her posts are well thought out, well written and beautifully illustrated.  If you’re in the market for a good writing prompt, a motivational quote or an informative article on the creative process, you better leave here and head over to Wavy Lines

Next, I’ll hang my Awesome Sauce Award over here.

Fellow writer, AQ buddy, blogger, friend, beta reader and sweetheart, Lisa Gibson is a staple in my writing life.  When I was in a panic the other day, Lisa texted me.  Then called.  She calmed me down, gave me perspective and sent me on my way with a long distance hug.  All this from someone I’ve never met.  Does life get any better than that?

So I say, Lisa, you are more deserving of the award you created than I will ever be.  For great book reviews and gentle encouragement, check out Random Thoughts To String Together

Thank you, Laura and Lisa, for the wonderful mentions. 

As always, I point to my links for my faithful readers to find their own bloggers to click with.  Everyone on my blogroll is someone who inspires me, humors me or has touched my life in some way.  They are all worthy of being checked out.

Other housekeeping I did was to remove the tweets from my sidebar.  That’s not to say you can’t follow me on twitter: I left the link there if you would like to pop over.  I do tweet a few times a week and love catching up with the writing life in twitter land.  However, I’m just removing some clutter from my sidebar.

Now, I must go forth and get some real house cleaning done before DH and Eldest return from fishing opener up north.

hugs~ cat


8 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. I much prefer blog housekeeping to the other kind 🙂

    Congrats on the awards – well deserved Cat! Enjoy the Sunday!

  2. Oh no, my sister is becoming internet-speak savvy. When shall I expect the LOLcats to show up?

    • I have four kids and two younger sibs, what did you expect? Eventually this dinosaur had to catch on or she’d go extinct!

      Sending herds of LOLcats your way with orders to snatch you from your room and drag you back to MN for a visit.

      Hugs~ cat

  3. Good work (more fun than housework) — and I think it’s a good idea to remove the Twitter stream from blog sidebars. It’s just clutter — blogrolls are amuch better use of the space.

    I need to add pages to my blog now that Blogger allows that option, and I need to get back to my website and do a bunch of work — I don’t think I’ve updated that puppy since last fall. My To Do List keeps growing.

    • Patricia,

      Thanks for the vote on the Twitter. One of the motivating factors for me was the fact that I never read anyone’s twitter streams and I certainly never follow them to twitter. That just may be a personal preference, but I would rather they read my blog than the few tweets I manage in a given day.

      It’s nice to do some updating. I’m glad Blogger allows for pages. I think it makes a huge difference in keeping a site clean. What’s your web address? I’d love to check it out–even un-updated.

      I don’t know if the list ever gets done. If you find the end, let me know how you did it. Or better yet, write a book, as I’m sure we’re not the only two left to figure out the secret.

  4. Thanks Cate! Always glad to be of help. You, too are a staple in my writing life. I’ve met such wonderful friends through writing. It’s wonderful we all support each other.

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