Daily Archives: May 20, 2010

I Dub Thee…

Names are difficult on a good day.  As prospective parents, we pour through baby name books in search for the perfect name.  As writers, we do the same.  We scour every newspaper, brochure, phone book or novel for a unique name to fit our unique characers.

But what about titles?

I’ve been fighting with a title for one of my manuscripts.  Feedback tells me it just doesn’t fit the style of my novel.  This is a concept that never entered my mind before.  I knew the title told about the events of the novel, but I’ve learned that this is not enough. 

Everything about a book has to be perfect.  It has to flow.  From the names of our characters to the titles of manuscripts to the style our stories are told in.  All of this must make a complete and satisfying package.  Because let’s be honest, a lot goes into the mental process of buying a book. 

  • Does the cover look appealing?
  • Does the title speak to me?
  • What’s the cover blurb telling me?
  • Author bio?
  • And finally, the first page…

At any point, we can be stopped cold and the puchase will never go through.

Readers, what do you look for in a title?  And how much does one play into your desire to read the cover blurb or even purchase the book?

Writers, how do you pick a title, and how do you know it works?