Daily Archives: May 21, 2010

Make Your MC Human

Yesterday, I was happily writing when someone knocked on my door.  Instantly, my muscles tightened and my heart beat a little faster.  I gritted my teeth and pasted a fake smile onto my face.  As I jerked the door open, I wondered if people could smell anger like they can fear?

You see, I despise people coming to my house via my garage door.  In part because I keep both garage doors and the service door closed.  But especiallybecause my front door has a welcoming sidewalk in which to lead visitors to my home.

So why do people feel compelled to open my service door and  navigate their way through a dark and messy garage?  And why does it make me so  darned grumpy?

I’m tired of the cliched OCD quirks in the novels I read.  Lining up shoes.  Compulsively straightening closets.  These are becoming cookie cutter traits.  I want new tics and quirks.

So, what do you have?  What irrational things bother you and how do you respond to them?  Have you ever incorporated them into your writing? 

What is the best movie or book pet peeve you’ve seen that makes the characters look human?

~ cat