Daily Archives: May 27, 2010

Mood Writing

Every week, Middle Son has to write sentences using his spelling words.  He’s a pretty sharp kid and a good writer for being in second grade.  He’s also a moody child with a half empty glass. 

Last night he diligently wrote his sixteen sentences then went to bed.  DH and read over his homework and laughed our tails off.

“Tony kicked Kallie.”

“Kallie got nailed.”

“I got pounded.”

“She shouted.”

I don’t know if his spelling words themselves elicited such violence or if Middle was in a funk. 

But it got me wondering.  How much of our writing is affected by our moods?

For instance, I imagine writing a murder scene would be extremely difficult if I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  Likewise, a romantic scene would probably suffer if my dog just died.  I don’t even like to think what might appear on paper if someone knocked on my garage door.

How does your mood affect the flavor of your writing?  Do you have days when everything is pounded, nailed and kicked even when they aren’t supposed to be?  How do you balance your mood with your end product?