Memorial Recap

This weekend was bitter sweet. 

We headed up north for our annual get-together with my DH’s family.  The littles water skied, swam, had bonfires and played with their cousins.  We big people relaxed, reminisced and had a great time.

I read three books.  Great books.  Incredible books.  I guess that’s what bad weather for one of the days and eight hours in the car can do.  I’ll try to recap those for you later.  I also picked up a few books on my TBR list for me my big kids, thanks to the reviews from some of my blog buddies.  

In addition, we celebrated DH’s 40th birthday.  Not surprisingly, he had a golf theme.  We ate a Titleist Pro V golf ball cake, shared stories (please, God, don’t let my children share his childhood adventures) and sang Happy Birthday twice.  All in all, a sweet weekend.

The bitter part occurred far from our vacation, yet too close to home.  Our little town was the unfortunate site of one of Minneosta’s holiday weekend fatalities. 

Sadly, three children in Eldest’s grade were directly and significantly affected.  My heart and prayers go out to these children and their families. 

I would also like to honor our victims of war.  May they always be remembered for their bravery, courage, loyalty and patriotism.  I do not take their gift of blood lightly and embrace the freedoms they have given me.  My world is a better place for their sacrifices.

For those soldiers still on foreign soil, thank you for your willingness to fight for the freedom of others.  May you return home safely to those who love you. 

God Bless~ cat

14 responses to “Memorial Recap

  1. Lovely post Cat. Happy birthday to your hubby! 🙂

    The world is a much better place thanks to the brave men & women who work so hard to make peace a reality.

  2. Sounds like you and your family had a great weekend. And happy birthday to your hubby! 🙂

  3. Hear, hear to honoring the men and women who’ve bravely fought and are currently fighting for our freedom and protection!

    I’m glad you had a fun weekend, but my heart goes out to your town residents.

    • Laura,

      Yes, the accident gave us reason to really pause and consider how often we take our lives for granted. We need to learn to live more fully and exercise the wonderful freedoms we have thanks to those who have valiantly fought on our behalf.

  4. Cate, happy birthday to the Mister. So sorry to hear about the residents in your town. I’ll keep their families in my thoughts.
    And yes, so wonderful to honor the men and women who valiantly serve our country. Bless them all!

  5. Of course my first thought is “But which books did she read?!”

  6. lol Michelle, I was wondering the same thing; I just forced those thoughts further back. 🙂

    • Your rec’s of course. I hit the book store Saturday at about 11:42 and left around 11:57–$85.00 lighter. Eldest is now reading Incareron, thanks to you. DD is reading Speak–they didn’t have Wintergirls. And I read Shade in one sitting. Pretty soon my DH won’t let me play with you!

  7. Oh, dear. This is what I get for having no t.v. any more. I can tell a terrible tragedy has probably struct Minnesota, but I have no idea what. Fortunately, God knows and I will pray.

    • Thanks, Victoria. I think you’re better off without a television. We didn’t have one for many years while I was growing up. They were some of the best years of my life.


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