Technologically Frustrated


My computer is slow.

My posts don’t post.

My updates never really do.

My comments are MIA on other’s blogs.

I am technologically frustrated.

Bear with me, o’ friends, as I struggle to find the responsible cyber monster.

When I do, I shall storm the castle and beat the nasty creature down with my pen and notebook.

Once it’s subdued, I shall display it for the whole community to see.

Until then, I shall read your blogs and think kind thoughts.

I will type wonderful words of inspiration (in my imagination) and send them on the gentle spring breeze.

I shall not succumb to the dizzying illness that has invaded my computer.

I shall not remain Technologically Frustrated. 


24 responses to “Technologically Frustrated

  1. Awww, hopefully things will be righted quickly where your technological woes are concerned.

  2. Oh honey, as a cyberspud I can SO relate. Sending positive techno-energy your direction.



    • Thanks so much for your techno-energy. I think I have enough to comment here. Hopefully tomorrow will bring posting back and commenting on other blogs.

      Baby steps!

  3. Cat, I know exactly what you mean. It is so frustrating to craft a response and hit ‘publish’ only to find my comment lost somewhere – never to appear again.

    When you find the cyber monster let me know. We have unfinished business, too…

    (Hope you’re having a great day, in spite of this!) 🙂

    • TK, my day was great–as long as I didn’t try to do anything on my computer. When I find that little monster wearing devil horns, I’ll wrap him up in pretty ribbon and send him your way.

      But doesn’t it make you wonder: where do those words go?

  4. Yup – the technology can drive me nuts. My daughter created our family motto of “technology hates me” a few years back. You can hear it quite often in our house 🙂

    Blogger wasn’t working at all for me the other day. Crossing my fingers and touching wood, I’ll dare to say it’s working fine today! *sssshhhh – I didn’t say it out loud!*

  5. Technology loves my husband. I’ll send you good vibes over the internet. Or we can just wait until you move in. ^_^

  6. I got your post on my blog. It must have slipped under the cyberwire. Computers can be soooo annoying and we’re all so hooked.
    Hope all your little cyber-bunnies start behaving again!

    • Rahma,

      For some reason, I never have trouble posting to you. There are about four or five blogs that work for me almost 100%. Then there are others that I have to fight for every comment!

      Cyber bunnies…hmmm…maybe they’re feeling a bit frisky right now and are off eating comments before they bloom. Nasty little buggers.

  7. Round of applause.
    I’ve been feeling technology frustrated lately as well.

  8. Ha! Know you aren’t alone. I can’t keep up with advances. I buy a laptop and the next day it needs an update. I can barely figure out how to download pics from my camera and organize them. I think my generation is doomed to be behind the tech. eight ball, forever and ever. And ever.

    • Yvonne,

      That’s funny. Although I’ve seen some pretty spry 70 year olds clicking away online and they never seem to be bothered with pesky monsters. It is scary when my kindergartner can work electronics more efficiently than me…

  9. Oh, and another thing. Last night when I tried to pull up my blog I got this chilling message. “This blog has been deleted and is no longer available.” I was like….WHAT??? I tried again and it took me through some password thing and then word verification, which I’ve never had to do to sign in to my own blog, and then finally….there it was. Floating calm and intact in the Blogger Sea. What a relief. I almost felt like I’d lost my manuscript, which was a ridiculous comparison in retrospect. Why do they do this to us???

    • Yvonne,

      My heart dropped when I first started reading this. My first blog got eaten and I don’t wish that on anyone. I’m glad yours was simply taking a small break.

      Are we troublesome-techonology magnets?

  10. Oh no! Isn’t the purpose of technological advancement to make our lives easier? But sometimes it makes things much harder! I’m sure your technology woes will be worked out soon! Good luck!

    • laura,

      I always say, “I love technology–when it works.” Sadly, I have to say this phrase more often than I like! Something always seems to be a little quirky…

  11. Sorry to hear you’ve been afflicted – I’ve already been missing your comments! Hope you figure it out soon, but at least you can still post. 🙂

    • Layinda,

      I’ve been reading. Just can’t comment yet. I’ll try again tomorrow and hope for the best. I even tried posting on my own blog twice today, but that didn’t go through either.


  12. jmartinlibrary


    I thought of you today. We’re teaching teachers about technology and information fluency this week and ran across the INTERNET SERENITY PRAYER:

    Technologist, grant me…
    the Serenity to accept that not everything can be found on the Internet…
    the Courage to go to the Library…
    and the Wisdom to evaluate the information I do find.

    Hehe. Yes, I can find everything online, but sometimes I need guidance with the sea of information and technology. 🙂

    • LOL, your training sounds more fun than mine. I refreshed my ability to save lives via CPR.

      Tacking your prayer onto my list of others I refer to! Thanks for sharing.

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