Daily Archives: July 8, 2010

Hear ye! Hear ye!

In another time and place I would have been a town crier.  Imagine the fun of running through the streets yelling announcements to all who would listen. 

Writing a book is a bit like that.  Writers have something to say, but instead of rushing here and there, we spend hours hunched over the computer screen typing masses of words that may or may not end up as a cohesive book.  If magic happens we are able to send our novels into the world with our own unique messages.

Hear ye, hear ye!

I have something to say.  Or rather, two somethings.  Because, of course, things never arrive alone–good or bad.  The usually show up in threes.

My news is only two-fold, but both tidbits are equally exciting.

Back in April, my DH pushed me.  Not physically, though he might as well have.  The swift kick to the keister was a great wake up call.  With him by my side, I submitted a few query letters.  He also pushed me to decide if I was going to start a business that had been stewing around in the back of my mind.  For a decade.

I did both.

And both have come to fruition.  I have taken my next big step as a writer.  It turns out my pirate chapter book has enough humor to tickle more than my own funny bone.  Thanks for believing in my writing, Agent Awesome.

I also started the process of opening a childcare/preschool hybrid.  Smart Start Prep and Play should be up and running the first week of September. 

Whoever said, “When it rains, it pours,” was right.  But that’s good, because everything in life needs a little rain to grow.

So, what’s your news?  Shout it out for us to cheer you on. 

Now where’s my third lucky event…?