Seven Deadly Sins Writers Make

Tomorrow I leave for the National Youth Gathering down in New Orleans.  Some 40,000 plus kids will sing songs, pray and perform community service work.  They will also examine their faith.  One thing we will not do, however, is focus on the Seven Deadly Sins.

So, I’ll do that for you.  Because, really, writers have a set of cardinal rules they should follow if they want to succeed in the biz.  And since I’m a writer, I’ve committed all of the Seven Sins at least once. 

As I’m not Catholic, I don’t know if the sins have a particular order that must be followed when discussing them.  I’ll simply post them in whatever order strikes my fancy. 

  • Gluttony on Friday (because I already wrote it)
  • Envy on Saturday (because I have an idea ready to write)
  • Pride on Monday
  • Sloth on Tuesday
  • Greed on Wednesday
  • Lust on Thursday (not looking forward to that one)
  • Wrath on Friday

Notice Sunday is missing.  I did this on purpose because I am just slothful enough to not want to come up with another topic while I’m gone.  Also because Sunday is a day of rest for faith based individuals, and since I’ll be gone for a Christian gathering, it made sense.

By Friday I shall be dead tired and have bus sores on my rear end from the looooong journey.  My ears may bleed as well from the excited screams of so many kids doing the teen thing.  I wonder if duct taping children is a sin in New Orleans?

Yet I’m looking forward to this adventure on many levels. 

Even though I can’t answer while on the road, please continue to comment so others can hear what you have to say.  I’ll answer you all when I get back.  New commenters, don’t fret if your comment doesn’t show through right away.  I look forward to meeting you upon my return.



14 responses to “Seven Deadly Sins Writers Make

  1. Cat, you are a brave woman. May you have every ounce of strength you will need to get through the next week. I hope you find joy and contentment in your trip and yes, maybe even a little peace.

    Many Blessings,


    • Thanks, Ardee-ann.

      I look forward to this trip with our youth. They’re good kids and it will be fun to see them grow a little–in their faith and in general. It’s a big trip for some of them.


  2. Have a great time! Some of my favorite memories are from high school church group trips.
    Stay safe. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’re in for an energetic trip – teens have so much energy, they tend to share! Enjoy 🙂

  4. What a great posting idea! Have a safe trip and have fun!!!

  5. You’re a brave woman Cate Woods! 😉 I don’t know that I could survive a trip with a boatload of teens. It will be wonderful I’m sure. 🙂

    • Brave or stupid. That is yet to be determined!

      Actually our group is so good that I don’t have to worry about them at all. My biggest concern is the kids I don’t know…

  6. This is a great posting idea for those times when we need to pre-schedule. Writing a series would be a lot easier than trying to think up six or seven totally different topics way ahead and churning them out one after another.

    • Patricia,

      It was quite easy. It took only about two hours, which is a time saver when you get right down to it. My previous two days posts were also prewritten to give me more time to pack and finish up all the details of getting three off to New Orleans, two off to Brainerd and cleaning for the one that is to stay home.

      Much more efficient this way.

  7. I’ve been guilty of all, I’m certain.

  8. Dear Cat,
    As you said envy is not a good thing to possess as you write and edit: It splits your concentration and you don’t want that.
    I have really had a hard time the last few months which is why you have not heard from me.
    Anyway, it it over and keep writing.

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