Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

Seven Writing Sins: Envy

Okay, this one doesn’t defy logic or knowledge.  We are all human and all humans judge themselves by other people’s success.  Or maybe that’s just me?

But the truth is, we turn a bit green when we hear that other people have done something to garner attention.  Especially if it is in an area where we, too, would like to succeed.

Who do we envy and why?

  1. The co-worker who lost 27 pounds and now looks HOT.  Because we are not comfortable with our own bodies. 
  2. The sister-in-law who just popped out her fourth baby and popped back into her maternity clothes.  Because we still can’t see our stretchmarks through the unlost baby weight from our first child–five years ago.
  3. The author who pumps out a runaway debut with “bad writing” and a “poor storyline.”  Because we fear we will never be good enough to do the same.
  4. The banker who takes off early from work every Wednesday to golf.  Because we do not have enough time for our hobbies, so why should anyone else?
  5. The Lake Home Owner.  Naturally Curly-Headed Girl.  SAHM with a Housekeeper.  The list is endless and limited only by our ability to feel inferior to others. 

Writers beware: Envy will kill our ability to write well.  It stifles our creativity and paralyzes our desires.  Our words will become bitter and our purpose will falter.  If we spend our time comparing ourselves to other writers, we will get nothing done. 


How do you deal with yourself when the green-eyed monster bats its long lashes?   What kinds of things kickstart your jealousy in the literary world?