Daily Archives: July 28, 2010

Creative Coloring

Color is an interesting thing.  Like smells, we attach certain memories and feelings to certain colors.  Unlike odiferous things, the tint on the walls can play a big part in how our brains work.

A simple splash of paint can affect us physically and psychologically.

Ever notice that food joints bombard us with red?  That’s because the color triggers our feeding frenzy.  Simply changing the hue of your kitchen can help you shed pounds. 

Feeling dull?  Black and white–nice attire for a penguin or a groom–can actually decrease a child’s IQ if used extensively. 

Yellow?  Most babies adore it.  Most adults hate it.  A pale shade can decrease irritability, as can light peach or cream.

Feeling blue?  Actually, blue slows your heart rate, and is a great choice for a relaxing spot at the end of the day.  Or, a great spot to open your SASE’s. 

On the other hand, red excites the body and mind.  While this color increases your heart rate, it can also increase your IQ if used as a cue for learning.  Think stop lights, stop signs and fire engines.  Kids love them and can tell you very young what those colors mean.

Orange is similar in how it impacts the brain’s desire to attach memories to the color.  Danger signs are a prime example of using this color properly.

Lastly, green is a learning color.  It’s associated with fertility, renewal and creativity.  Got writer’s block?  Hop in a green room or step outside to a lush garden.  In no time, you’ll be adding words to your daily count.

So, what colors do you surround yourself with?  Is your office/writing space a warm, comforting blue that lulls your muse you to sleep, or a vibrant burnt orange that excites you?  Do you find that a walk in the park can spark creativity?  Or are you killing plot bunnies brain cells by working in a modern office with black and white furnishings?