Creative Coloring

Color is an interesting thing.  Like smells, we attach certain memories and feelings to certain colors.  Unlike odiferous things, the tint on the walls can play a big part in how our brains work.

A simple splash of paint can affect us physically and psychologically.

Ever notice that food joints bombard us with red?  That’s because the color triggers our feeding frenzy.  Simply changing the hue of your kitchen can help you shed pounds. 

Feeling dull?  Black and white–nice attire for a penguin or a groom–can actually decrease a child’s IQ if used extensively. 

Yellow?  Most babies adore it.  Most adults hate it.  A pale shade can decrease irritability, as can light peach or cream.

Feeling blue?  Actually, blue slows your heart rate, and is a great choice for a relaxing spot at the end of the day.  Or, a great spot to open your SASE’s. 

On the other hand, red excites the body and mind.  While this color increases your heart rate, it can also increase your IQ if used as a cue for learning.  Think stop lights, stop signs and fire engines.  Kids love them and can tell you very young what those colors mean.

Orange is similar in how it impacts the brain’s desire to attach memories to the color.  Danger signs are a prime example of using this color properly.

Lastly, green is a learning color.  It’s associated with fertility, renewal and creativity.  Got writer’s block?  Hop in a green room or step outside to a lush garden.  In no time, you’ll be adding words to your daily count.

So, what colors do you surround yourself with?  Is your office/writing space a warm, comforting blue that lulls your muse you to sleep, or a vibrant burnt orange that excites you?  Do you find that a walk in the park can spark creativity?  Or are you killing plot bunnies brain cells by working in a modern office with black and white furnishings?


16 responses to “Creative Coloring

  1. I once heard that pepto bismol Pink is calming for about thirty minutes, but then it makes a person feel violent. If I recall, this was discovered because prisons were looking for a soothing shade to pacify new inmates, but the end result wasn’t what they’d hoped for.

    Luckily, I usually write next to a big glass sliding door that looks out onto a nice green yard, with no pink in sight, except for a few flowers. 🙂

    • Layinda,

      Pepto pink makes me violently ill! Immediately I begin praying to the porcelain god, so it’s no wonder why people get their undies in a bit of a bunch when surrounded by it!

      It sounds like you have a fantastic writing space to relax and inspire you.


  2. Interesting stuff Cate. I’m assuming no red on the walls in your preschool, right? 🙂

    We just painted our living room, where I do most of my writing, a gorgeous green. Sounds like we made a good choice.

    • Jemi,

      Sometimes our subconscious speaks to us in unexpected ways. But now you have me thinking: does green inspire creativity or do naturally creative people just like the color green? There’s always more than one way to interpret data.

      Good guess on the red. Although I do have a few well placed splashes of it to draw attention to certain activities.

  3. I have white walls at home and I cover them with pics, drawings, paintings, whatever. So I guess I work in a rainbow of colors. My favorite is still blue, though! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Barb. It’s always nice to see a new face.

      Blue is such a beautiful, soothing color. My boys’ room is painted blue with a dark blue stripe where I hang up all their art work from school. Nothing is more inspiring than a child’s creativity.

      It sounds like you have a wonderful working atmosphere.

      Hugs~ cat

  4. Right now my writing spaces are white and beige, which I hate. I would much rather be surrounded by a pretty blue that lulls me to sleep, but right now I’m stuck with what I have. I wish I could say I had a pretty garden to look at, but no such luck there either, lol.

    Oh well, I can always pretend the walls are orange, green, yellow and blue ;p

    • Well, you don’t seem to be suffering from any kind of color deprivation regarding your writing! That’s a good thing. Although I’m with you and prefer some color to plain old white.


  5. My office is beige, but I’ve put so much stuff on the walls that you wouldn’t know it. I used to have green walls and just loved them. Hmm, maybe it’s time to get the paint can out…

    • Just be careful, once you start painting, all the walls in the house suddenly seem drab and in need of a fresh coat!

      My DH and I are rather spartan when it comes to “stuff” on the walls. The only place I get away with it is my big cork board in the laundry room and my boys’ wall. Maybe if I decluttered my desk top, DH would be more inclined to let me hang more on the walls.

  6. Educate children and granulation colors to them is the responsibility of all of us.
    Thanks for this post useful

    • I hope you checked out the link. It had some great information on how color affects kids–among other useful things.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  7. My office is a burst of color! Orange is my favorite, and I also love yellow and pink. I like bright, happy shades of color!

    I do like black and white together, as long as it’s zebra stripes of course! I also like light brown or milk chocolate brown. It’s such a warm, cozy color.

    • Orange rocks! I love orange, yellow and warm chocolate brown. They be my favorite!

      And when I’m not wearing those, I wear black and white–a total zebra!

      Great minds must think alike.

  8. I love color! All different ones. Great post. 🙂 Love it.

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