Daily Archives: August 16, 2010

Death of a Computer

Friday morning I hopped on the net and began searching for a Garmin and key fob homing device for my dyslexic son’s, impending sixteenth birthday.  You know, so he can find his way back home after driving up town to get some milk? 

I walked away from my computer for the briefest of times (about 35 minutes) and when I returned, my computer screen had a Death!  Corruption!  End of Life as We Know It! message. 

Love when that happens.  All my blogging.  All my writing.  My emails, my work and my keep-for-seven-years-under-punishment-of-death files are gone.  Along with the heart and brains of my computer.

All I have left is a black screen with my Death Message.

Insert CD and restart your computer from the set up menu.

DUH, my computer doesn’t have a CD rom.  You would think a computer would know this about itself. 

And my dinosaur computer can’t be moved because I fear disrupting the delicate winding of the cord around the base so it can have power.  Nor can it be moved to actually function on any time remotely like the kind that real humans must operate on.  Some days it doesn’t boot up at all.  Other times I takes an entire day just to pull up the internet.  Typing can drain the patience of a saint, as only some letters show up sometimes. 

So, I will keep posting as often as my dinosaur allows until I either replace my new-old computer or get to the bottom of the death message.

Til then, hugs and may your muse be with you!