Daily Archives: August 30, 2010

Return of the Zombie Writer

I’m tired.  Land of the Living Dead tired.  But I’m also thrilled to be back home, back to real life and back to my computer screen.

The last two weeks were filled with the good, the bad and the ugly.  In no particular order or chronology. 

  • My computer died.  I all but had it buried when the Computer Tutor sat up until 3:30 in the morning last Tuesday breathing new life into it.  Thankfully he was able to save my writing–heading to Mozy now–but everything is in read only now.  Should be fun retyping…
  • I went to Chicago with my DH for his work.  We were wined and dined with dinner cruises, champaign carriage rides, museums, botanical garden tours and sailing.  It was my first trip there, but definitely not my last.  The architecture was amazing and the fact that our last name is a famous street name had a cool factor all its own. 
  • While gone, my DD got in a car accident in which the car was totaled, the airbags deployed and whiplash abounded.  Nothing like being states away and completely helpless.  I didn’t have the ability to hug her and hold her close while simultaneously beating her for being on the wrong road at the wrong time.  Everyone is okay and seatbelt safety has been reinforced.  The windshield in front of DD was cracked even through the airbag and her seatbelt.  I shudder to imagine what could have been. 
  • Two days later, Eldest’s wallet had a run in with the lawnmower.  He lost it on the golf course.  It was found after credit cards, driver’s permits, money and leather spewed out onto the green.  All as finely chopped as a specialty salad in one of the fancy restaurants we ate in.
  • Because of the above two items, my little sister (who kindly watched over our angels) will never need birth control.   
  • I read Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  If you haven’t read them, get cracking.  Now.  Suzanne Collins is firmly planted at the very top of my Favorite Author list.  When I grow up, I can only pray to be just like her.  Even a little bit.
  • I have tons of catching up to do on my computer–sorry for the absence–and a new schedule to figure out.  Starting next week, I will open the doors of my new business.  I finally have pictures up over there if you want to check it out.
  • Lastly, my women’s group decided on our 2010/2011 program.  As I am on the committee, I had the pleasure of helping plan our year.  Our theme is Bridging the Gap.  Because of this, we will get to learn all sorts of ways to move from possibilities to practices.  Subjects of interest: literacy, socio-economics, health, technology, safety, environment and culture–to name a few.  Exciting stuff.

Life is good.  My novel fodder folder is overflowing and blog posts tumble around in my head.  All I need to do is hop on over and visit all of you before I fall asleep…