Daily Archives: September 23, 2010

A look to the future.

I’ve always wanted to duct tape my kids.  I’ve threatened and teased, but in the end, I’ve never had the opportunity to use the all-purpose tape on them until now.  Suddenly, my future looks very bright.

Finally, disposable clothes!

Though not as bright as the outfits my DD and her BF are sporting for homecoming dress-up week.  Yep, that’s duct tape.  The silvery multi-purpose, fix-everything-from-books-to-tractors tape has a new look.

From tie-dyed to fluorescent, duct tape has an eye to the future–as should we. 

We can learn a lot from DT’s marketing department.  They didn’t stop at functional, but rather branched out to appeal to our aesthetics.   They hit a niche market I didn’t even know was out there.

I guess it’s really important for us to think outside the box and keep our eyes open for opportunity even if something seems absurd.  After all, I’m sure the rep who pitched colorful duct tape was laughed out of the room at first.

And now he’s the one laughing on the way to the bank.  Wonder if he’s the one who suggested Duct Tape clothing as a homecoming day?

As writers, we would do well to remember that our futures depend on our readers, whatever–or whoever–they may be.

Don’t just catch the trend.  Be the trend.

Are you bold enough to break outside the norm, or do you feel more comfortable writing about the tried and true?