Seasoned Agent + Critique Auction = Donation

One of my good writing buddies, Robert K. Lewis, has passed along an amazing opportunity for writers looking to hone their craft.   

Agent Irene Goodman is auctioning off 15 partial critiques in true marathon fashion.  The proceeds will go to charitable foundations: the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Deafness Research Foundation, and Hope For Vision.

The auction goes live on December 1st.  Details can be found here

Please consider treating yourself or a fellow writer to a professional critique by a seasoned agent with her heart in the right place.  Her 23 year-old son has Ushers Syndrome, a condition that will take his sight and hearing.  Your dollars will go to research to help him and others like him. 

Thanks to Ms. Goodman’s generosity of time and talent, everyone can start the new year in a little better place.



4 responses to “Seasoned Agent + Critique Auction = Donation

  1. Ms. Goodman did this last year too. It’s a wonderful way to raise money to research this horrible disease. I bid on several of them last year but the bids quickly escalated out of my reach. A good thing I guess. Maybe I’ll try again this year….

    Thanks Cat.

    • That’s the problem, Yvonne. I have no means to bid on what would be an excellent tool for honing my craft. While the money all goes to a good cause, it would be nice to have a place for us penny spenders in an auction!

  2. It really is an amazing opportunity – probably out of my price league though!

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