Daily Archives: December 2, 2010

Starting Somewhere

Two cyber conversations have me scratching my head and wondering what newbies are supposed to do.

I’m quite certain I’ve never met a single piano player who sat down and mastered the task in one day.  Nor have I met a professional singer who recorded a number one hit the first time she opened her mouth. 

Okay, I’ve never actually met a professional piano player or a top 40’s artist, but I have met lots of writers–newbies, seasoned, agented and pubbed–over the years. 

So, my question becomes this: does anybody owe it to a newbie to help them get started?  I don’t care what area of life we’re talking about.  I’m just pondering the concept as a whole.

Should an agent have the attitude that they only want to rep already pubbed authors?  Does a writer have the right to adopt the attitude that working with a newbie agent is something less than desirable?

Seriously, we all started out as newbies.  Every single one of us at some point was a novice to our passion/job/career/hobby.  Nobody started out at the top, and yet we sometimes look down on others who are just joining the fray.

Do you ever forget where you came from?  Do you ever remember the one person who gave you a shot to prove yourself through time and experience?  If you have a great story, please share it.  I’m really curious to see how people feel about this issue.