Daily Archives: February 15, 2011

It’s the little things…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Dear Hubby and I aren’t real big into the whole give-me-a-pound-of-chocolate-and-a-dozen-red-roses thing.  Instead, we celebrate our love every day.  Cheesy?  Maybe, but I’m sticking to it.

We ate left-over spaghetti, DH worked out, I wrote and got a foot massage by Youngest, we talked over chai tea, put the littles to bed, put DH to bed, the bigs got home and eventually the house was put to sleep.

It’s our life and one I love.  We’ve found our rhythm.

It’s one of balance, not over-indulgence.  It’s comfortable, chaotic and sometimes unpredictable, but it’s ours.

I’ll take it. 

Because, quite honestly, it’s been hard to find. Right now it’s 4:59 am.  Not ideal for anything, but mornings are my best writing time.  Evenings are filled with dinner, homework, laundry and getting ready for the next day.  There are speeches to write, heartbreaks to mend, DS games to find and dogs to let out.  Over the past months, I’ve come to realize that resetting a priority list can be painful. 

It was for me.  First I ditched all my social networking.  Then, I lazed up on the housework and finally began rising before the butt-crack of dawn.  While I’ve always loved mornings, there is inherently something wrong with waking before the rooster.  But, it’s now a must if I’m going to continue writing, raising my family, running my preschool and blogging.

I’ve reset my priorities.  Hopefully I can reintroduce some of the things I had to remove to solidify that list.  If I can’t, I’ll have to resort to tweeting.  And everyone knows I talk too much for that.

Well, the alarm has finally gone off.  DH will get up and I’ll need to get ready for my day.  I have coffee and the rush of getting four kids out the door to look forward to. 

It’s the little things in life–the everyday things–that make it worth celebrating.

What did you do yesterday to celebrate?