It’s the little things…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Dear Hubby and I aren’t real big into the whole give-me-a-pound-of-chocolate-and-a-dozen-red-roses thing.  Instead, we celebrate our love every day.  Cheesy?  Maybe, but I’m sticking to it.

We ate left-over spaghetti, DH worked out, I wrote and got a foot massage by Youngest, we talked over chai tea, put the littles to bed, put DH to bed, the bigs got home and eventually the house was put to sleep.

It’s our life and one I love.  We’ve found our rhythm.

It’s one of balance, not over-indulgence.  It’s comfortable, chaotic and sometimes unpredictable, but it’s ours.

I’ll take it. 

Because, quite honestly, it’s been hard to find. Right now it’s 4:59 am.  Not ideal for anything, but mornings are my best writing time.  Evenings are filled with dinner, homework, laundry and getting ready for the next day.  There are speeches to write, heartbreaks to mend, DS games to find and dogs to let out.  Over the past months, I’ve come to realize that resetting a priority list can be painful. 

It was for me.  First I ditched all my social networking.  Then, I lazed up on the housework and finally began rising before the butt-crack of dawn.  While I’ve always loved mornings, there is inherently something wrong with waking before the rooster.  But, it’s now a must if I’m going to continue writing, raising my family, running my preschool and blogging.

I’ve reset my priorities.  Hopefully I can reintroduce some of the things I had to remove to solidify that list.  If I can’t, I’ll have to resort to tweeting.  And everyone knows I talk too much for that.

Well, the alarm has finally gone off.  DH will get up and I’ll need to get ready for my day.  I have coffee and the rush of getting four kids out the door to look forward to. 

It’s the little things in life–the everyday things–that make it worth celebrating.

What did you do yesterday to celebrate? 


16 responses to “It’s the little things…

  1. We’re very much like you – if you show the love everyday, there’s no need for huge fanfare! Unlike you, I do better staying up after everyone’s gone to sleep. I cherish every moment of sleep in the morning and hit the snooze button as many times as possible and still make it to work on time. Speaking of which, time to hit the shower 🙂

    Enjoy your comfortable, chaotic and sometimes unpredictable day!

    • LOL! Evenings scare me. There are times I fall asleep before my littles do!

      Now I’ll think of you each morning as I watch the sun rise. This one, I shall dedicate to you. First the tree line in our backyard lightens, filling in the details of the outlined branches. Then, in a soft array of pinky, orange, the sun burns through, making everything in our back yard glitter like diamonds.

      I’ll tell you all about the summer later!

  2. Cat, we’re much like your family, too. Wouldn’t trade it for anything, either. 🙂

    • It’s nice to know we’re not alone. Makes you feel less like sinking if other people are doing the same thing and enjoying themselves too!

      And did I see book two is on its way?

  3. You have a lovely life. It’s wonderful to hear how much you appreciate it!

    Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so he took off work and we celebrated him! I made his favorite breakfast, French toast. Then later there were cupcakes and ice cream and presents for him! But we give each other cards and little gifts for Valentine’s Day, too. February 14 is always an extra fun day for us!

    • How fun! Double celebrations.

      Breakfast is–not surprisingly–my favorite meal, so a special plate of french toast would be divine. Not that cupcakes and ice cream are shabby either…

      LOL. Sounds like the day was perfect from start to finish.

  4. Dear Cat,
    It is always how you treat your mate–the small details. My kids are grown and don’t live with me. My life is not as hectic any more. Yesterday, for Valentine’s day I made my wife one of her favorite dishes–potato latkes (potato pancakes). I Usually I only make that during Hannukah. In fact, she filled up on that so I never made the strip steaks. We will have them today. It is important to treat your mate specially every day and it is okay to stop and do something special to commemorate your relationship. It is always in the small moments, that matter.

  5. The whole priority thing is killing me right now. You’re right, saying no and planning ahead is the only way to survive. I’m not sure if I’ve done enough of that this year. LOL

    We had a nice evening and did go out as we don’t have enough date nights, but it was a laid-back dinner. Nothing huge.

    • Being a writer is like being in the circus. We have to play every part.

      Juggler, poop scooper, tigh-rope walker, entertainer…

      No wonder so many of us wear out.

      Date nights are the one thing that I wish we had more of. Just doesn’t seem to work out well yet. However, our morning coffee is so important to us. Those 30 precious moments between 6:30 and 7:00 are so rejuvinating, I guess I can’t complain too much.

      Did he cook or did you? Something delicious I hope!

  6. We also have a laid-back attitude toward Valentine’s Day and usually just exchange a card.

    I was delinquent this year and failed to get a card, while my husband, the dear heart, had selected a perfect card for both of us…and that’s why he suggested sharing. We both signed the card and addressed it to ourselves. It was a sweet thing for him to do.

  7. We celebrate pretty much the same way. We’ve never been big on big celebrations 🙂

    It’s tough living real life and writing as well. Add in blogging & social networking & it’s a wonder any of us sleep. It’s impossible to do it all – I just hope to do my best 🙂 Take care!

    • I’m finding that more and more people don’t go in for the commercialization of holidays as “advertised”. It’s nice to see that we’re no the only ones.

  8. I cooked something delicious for the kidlit and Grandma and the hubby and I let the restaurant cook for us. ;D

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