Query Crazy

Call me nuts, but I love writing query letters. 

Condensing a novel into a paragraph or two of intrigue is nothing short of poetry on paper.  I love capturing the essence of story in under 200 words and  my heart pitter-patters when my MC comes to life in a handful of lines.

Maybe I’ll quit writing novels and focus on queries.  I’ll be that odd Query Lady who collects query letters like the Cat Lady collects felines. 

  • Queries are the desserts of the writing world.
  • They are the sunsets on a successful day.
  • They are the angels at the top of the Christmas tree.
  • Queries are the back cover blurbs–they are the reason manuscripts get read.

How do you feel about queries?  Do they scare you silly or refresh you?  Am I the only one in the world who loves writing these elusive little buggers?  

Hope your day is querylicious!

18 responses to “Query Crazy

  1. I agree with Pete. Queries make me sooo tired. And then I stress over them because they seem so important to everyone who’s judging my work. Maybe you should make some on-the-side cash as a query letter writer.

    • Something to look forward to in my old age. : )

      Don’t let yourself get so tired out you don’t have time to write anymore. Queries are secondary to a rockin’ manuscript.

  2. I hate writing query letters but they are a necessary evil.

    On the other hand, Iwrite non fiction which is a whole other animal from fiction.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • You’re right, they are vastly different creatures, but query’s essential function doesn’t change. Get an agent or publisher to read the rest. It’s advertising at its finest.

  3. I don’t hate queries like I used to! I’ve learned a lot of tips over the last year or so. I just need to finish polishing up the last 2 stories!

    • At least you know your priorities. Manuscript first. Query second. Sometimes I think we burn our submission chances on manuscripts that are sent before their prime. Best luck on the polishing!

  4. Will you write one for me?:)

    I’ve missed seeing you around. Now I know what you’ve been up to!

  5. Sadly, you might be the only one…most of us hate them…cheers!

  6. I have yet to write a query letter, though I often think I should be practicalness . . . because frankly, the idea of writing one terrifies me a little bit!!!!

    Maybe I’ll hire YOU to write me one. I’ll give you some pictures or something. 😀

  7. Or um, I should be PRACTICING. Silly spell check. Or, silly me, selecting the WRONG WORD! 8)

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