Daily Archives: February 21, 2011

Another One: writing cliches

For the love of all that is holy!

 We have yet another snow day.  The fist one of each season is fun and exciting, maybe even the second one.  But after that–when all your snow make up days are gone and you’re looking at going to school until July 4th–the cliché gets old.

The kids dread getting that early morning text letting them know school is once again cancelled.  Blowing snow, icy roads, foot high drifts.  These have been our winter clichés.  And everyone is bone tired of it.

I wonder if that’s how agents feel when they open one query letter after another with the same worn-out themes. 

Author, Joelle Anthony, has put together a fun and fascinating list of the 15 most overused things in YA and MG.  Find it here on her blog.

What types of things do you find overused in the books you love?  Do red-haired best friends make the list or is it something less tangible, yet clichéd all the same?

How about writers?  What go to traits/quirks/scenarios repeat themselves in your writing?

Inquiring minds want to know! 

P.S.  I do have a soft spot for red-heads in my writing!