Doing the Happy Dance!

I just received an awesome crit today from one of my critique buddies.  It wasn’t the back pat we all like to hear, but rather, a series of questions and a few pointed comments.

So why am I dancing with wild abandon?

Because I get to rewrite an entire chapter, fix previous references to certain character and ultimately make an amazing difference in my novel.

I love the new turn of events and I can’t wait to work in the new ideas born from the feedback. 

My advice to writers: never dismiss any feedback without really and truly considering what the comments mean to your writing and the future of your novel.

Sometimes, “This doesn’t work for me,” can be the single best crit we can get.

How do you like your feedback: sweet and supportive or nitty-gritty honesty?  Does the thought of changing your writing based on a critique have you running for the hills, or does it make you wanna do the Snoopy Dance?


2 responses to “Doing the Happy Dance!

  1. I absolutely need constructive, critical feedback. If someone says, “I love this, don’t change a thing,” I know they didn’t read it critically, as a writer, rather than a reader.

    I love when my critters offer suggestions, rather than just say “this isn’t working for me.” I always try to say, “this isn’t working for me – here’s why – and (if this were mine) here’s how I’d fix it.” Even if I don’t agree with their idea, it’ll open up an avenue of thought.

    Great blog post, Catty Cat!

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