The Liquid Battles Writing Contest

So, Middle Son is working on his science fair project.  Last night we carefully measured out one tablespoon of various liquids into an ice-cube tray.  Today, we will time them to see which liquid melts first. 

It’s a fight between pure, clean water, carbonated Mello Yello, fatty milk, frothy hot chocolate, sugary-sweet oj and brewed coffee. 

Who will win?  Or would it be lose?

Regardless, we will spend our day watching ice melt.

And like all things in life, this got me thinking about the characters in our novels.  Each is like a different liquid.  Some are pure and wholesome, while others are bitter and dark.  Still others are so sweet they make your teeth hurt.

Good analogy, eh?

While it’s all up to the real liquid in Middle’s science fair project, the outcome of the writing contest is completely up to you.  So without further ado, I present: 

The Liquid Battles Rules and Regs

  1. In 150 words or less, create a Main Character using one of these six liquids.  Water, soda, hot chocolate, orange juice, coffee or milk. 
  2. Entrench your MC in a conflict with other liquids so we can see his/her attributes in action.
  3. Include your Battle in a comment to this post by Friday March 4th.
  4. Third grade Middle will read your entries over the weekend and declare a Liquid Winner!
  5. Results will be posted on Monday the 7th along with the winning entry.
  6. Our Liquid Hero will receive a sweet treat of assorted Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares.  (Participants must live in the US for ease of shipping, however, if an out of country writer wins the battle, we will happily post a link to your blog or website and send sweet thoughts your way.) 

A mystery bonus gift will be included in your prize package if your Liquid MC also happens to match the liquid that took the longest to melt. 

So, tap into your inner child and give us a battle of epic proportion.  You have nothing to lose and bragging rights to gain. 

Let the Liquid War begin…


7 responses to “The Liquid Battles Writing Contest

  1. Ooh, sounds like fun! And I do love Ghirardelli……

  2. So much fun! I’m heading out of town for most of the week, but I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

  3. khaula mazhar

    Hey, I don’t see any other entries! I hope I am in the right place. Anyways just a note while reading to make it more fun, imagine Hot Chocolate’s voice as Cree Summer’s(#5 on “Kids Next Door”), Orange Juice: four year old’s voice (or Marshmallow from Annoying Orange). Coffee : South American accent and Water: English old lady.

    Hot Chocolate!
    Everyone was jealous of Hot Chocolate.
    O J: “ Hey steam puff, stop fogging the window. I wanna see the snow.”
    Hot Chocolate: “ My name is Hot Chocolate! You always this annoyin’? ”
    OJ: “Take after my brother, he’s an orange.”
    Water: “She’s healthy! You have too much sugar!”
    Hot Chocolate: “Get a life lady, everyone drinks half a glass of you and the rest goes down the drain.”
    Coffee: “No need to be rude! Water is important, I wouldn’t be here without her!”
    Hot Chocolate: “Don’t need you! Too bitter! I am The Favorite Drink around here! ”
    To prove her point, Hot Chocolate used her power to send out her rich chocolaty aroma, it spread and invited all. In their rush to get Hot Chocolate the kids carelessly knocked over the other glasses and mugs, spilling the drinks. “Yay! Hot Chocolate!”
    Hot Chocolate: “Need I say more?”

  4. Oh, dear. This was such a cool idea, but I’ve just been so wiped this week. 😦 I’m sorry, I just never caught up with everything.

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