A Second Helping of SCBWI Love

Wow!  Fourteen hours of speakers and sessions, good food and friend-making is…just wow!

Big Picture Book Industry Tip: Your story must be started by page 10.  If you are still writing details and your MC isn’t on his/her journey, then consider a rewrite.  More from Candace Fleming at a later date.

Editor Allie Brydon speaks on sloshing out of the slush pile.  Her big tip on writing for kids?  “Write simpler, not simplistic.” 

Editor Molly O’Neill presented the business side of the industry.  Her mantra, “Write your own story, not someone else’s.”  And no, she doesn’t mean churn out memoirs.  She simply means that writers need to be original in their own works.  We need to find our own stories and storytelling from within us.

Diane Muldrow, Editorial Director of Golden Books/Random House and author, recapped the amazing history of children’s literature in America.  If you don’t know it, study it.  You’ll have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of what it means to write for kids. 

I can’t say enough about Lin Oliver.  I sat by her at lunch and she’s sweet and charming and concerned and caring and supportive and amazing and…well, you get the picture.  Did I mention she’s also the co-founder of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators?  Yeah, that was totally cool!

I’ve learned oodles today and can’t wait to digest it all. 

It’s also ten thirty and I have another five hours of conference tomorrow followed by a seven hour drive home. 

Time for bed!

PS.  I’d love to totally dish on my agent cuz he rocks my socks off.  We had several delightful, insightful and just plain fun conversations today.  Can’t wait to listen to him present tomorrow. 

PPS.  Can I just say wow?!?!?!


8 responses to “A Second Helping of SCBWI Love

  1. Sounds like an awesome conference – thanks for sharing the great tips!

    • I’m so glad you popped by. I’ve missed you! And don’t worry, I will be sharing more. : )

      On Wednesday the 6th, I’ll post my top tips at From the Write Angle and then spend the next little bit going more in depth back here at the Woods.

      It has been an incredible experience. Nothing like the other conferences I have attended over the years. I’m so thankful I finally made the drive and now have my eyes on the SCBWI Summer Conference in Cali. Someday…

      Hope all is going well for you.

  2. I’m way overdue for a conference. And congrats on an agent. I didn’t know you had one. Good for you. Enjoy your day!

    • Thanks for the wamr wishes. The end of the conference was a great as the beginning.

      I hope you get to one soon. They are so wonderful in so many ways.

  3. It was so wonderful getting to know you!

    It was a great conference. 🙂

    • LOL, your name came up for me to moderate your comment and I thought, “Hmmm. Debbie? Did I meet a Debbie?”

      Then I laughed. To me, you are Karma after our unlikely and many meetings.

      It was a beautifully done conference with a stellar line-up. The perfect place to meet new writing friends! One of the best benefits of attending, as far as I’m concerned.

      Hugs and see you soon~

      • Should have said: Little Debbie, the girl who can Potty!

        Email me so we can set up our first meeting for critiquing. I’m going to attack Harry now. I’m waiting for it to rain, so I can smell it…. But we have clear skies. 🙂 So that one’s on hold. LOL.

      • Have fun with Harry. I got started on that next manuscript last night. Three chapters in and pretty pleased with where they are going. Hopefully the optimism will still be there when I get to the end!

        Did you get your rain? What I found so disappointing was leaving 82 degrees in Iowa and coming home to 42 degrees here.

        *le sigh*

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