Daily Archives: May 18, 2011

Digital Resumes and the Writer

My big sis called this morning.  She’s going through grad school and calls every once in a while to use me as a sounding board.  This arrangement is fine with me as long as she cuts her diploma in half and I can hang part of it on my wall.  Not to mention talking business trumps our childhood relationship when she used me as a punching bag, like all good big sisters do.

“So,” says Big Sis.  “I have to create a visual resume.”

“A what?”  Yeah, even though I’m online nearly every day and actually write a random resume or two for clients, I’d never heard of the digital resume until today.

Some online sleuthing taught me quickly that the digital resume can vary from a slide show type advertisement to a high-end, website looking page.

My brain instantly translated this to the world of writing–and sure enough, some astute writers have their digital resumes complete–and how exactly an aspiring/professional writer can utilize this technology.

So, my dear writerly friends, have you heard of visual/digital resume before?  If so, in what context?  How does this technology impact you and your potential marketing of a) you as a writer/speaker and b) your books/projects/products?

And to any peeps regardless of background: what’s the buzz in your world regarding digital resumes?  Do you think they are superior to paper?  Do explain.

Inquiring minds really, really, really want to know!