Ode To Rain

Enough Already.

4 responses to “Ode To Rain

  1. Come stay with me! It’s 79 and sunny… (But next week it’ll be in the hundreds, gack. A short stay, perhaps. :P)

    • LOL! I would love to. We’ve had so much rain–three inches yesterday–and more forecasted every freekin’ day for the next week. I might take you up on that offer.

      Today is our only break, so I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it. Shoes off, shorts on, keyboard on lap, sitting on my patio. Best office ever!

  2. Rainy Day Ditty

    Rainy day
    We must obey
    Nothing to say
    Just okay

    • LOVE you, Siggy.

      I’ve missed you and hope all is going well. Thanks for your reminder poem. I’ll keep it in mind for the rest of the week!


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