Writer’s Training

Today Dear Daughter begins driver’s training.  She’s thrilled beyond words to start this part of her life’s journey.  For two weeks she’ll learn the basics in the classroom portion.  When to stop, when to yield, when to merge.  Upon her 15th birthday, she’ll have the pleasure of taking her written test.

A straight “A” student, she’s already passed the exam in her head.  She’s not worried about her ability to answer the questions correctly so she can receive her permit.  Then watch out world, she’ll be road-ready–with a parent–until she completes behind the wheel in another year and takes her actual test.

She’s five foot nothing and fearless.  To her, driving is coveted.  It’s something she looks forward to doing in a way Eldest never did.  For DD, her permit and license represent freedom and success.  For Eldest, it was simply a natural part of growing up.  Something you do so your parents don’t have to drive you to band practice. 

He’s conservative: DD is ready for a cross-country road trip–or cruising the square, at the very least.

Our writing journey is similar.  At some point in our lives, we look at books in a different way.  We see them as a vehicle to another future, and so we begin our own training.

Writer’s training.

Some of us are fearless and just know we’ll succeed.  We never doubt that our novels will take us on a cross-country trek, so we begin the journey with a grand road trip in mind.  Others fall into writing as a means to an end. 

Regardless, we all go through writer’s training. 

Do you remember the moment you decided to write?  How have you trained for your journey, both in the classroom and behind the wheel?  What kind of driver writer are you: fearless and bold or quietly clocking the miles to success?

Curious minds want to know.

4 responses to “Writer’s Training

  1. I love how you can relate your family life in endless ways to your writing. I sat up late one night when I was 8 or 9, talking to God in my usual prayer style: “Hi, God. How are you? Sorry those people are killing each other. I’m sure it makes you sad. You want me to write? Ok.” And I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I’ve also questioned it and He always confirms it’s what he wants me to do. I still don’t know why and may never know. I am definitely clocking the miles. My training has been at the hands of (mostly) well-intentioned tutors, groups, etc.

    • Victoria,

      That’s an awesome story. Sometimes we have to clock the miles before we get to our ultimate destination. Not all of our journeys are short, nor are they all sweet, but they are ours. Nobody can take that away from us and what we do with our God-given talents is a gift in itself.

      When you pull into your parking space at the end of your road-trip you’ll be thankful for all the site-seeing you did along the way. Best luck as you complete the amazing journey you started so long ago.

  2. I WISH I was fearless! I’m the baby stepper. I learn a lot – write – send a few queries – get great advice – go back and learn some more – write – … I’m hoping to get past the training wheel stage one day 🙂

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