Daily Archives: June 22, 2011

What Color Is Your Novel?

I planted my garden over the weekend.  This is no small feat, as I love flowers and designed a backyard with several flower beds.  Over the course of six hours, Dear Daughter and I picked out and planted more than 250 flowers.  Down from previous years.  Two summers ago, we planted well over 450 when all my beds were new and we hosted my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary party.

That year, I filled my gardens and pots with annuals.  Last year, I spaded in a few dozen perennials in addition to the annuals.  Other than rearranging a few of my flowers and bushes around the backyard, I figure 250 will be my yearly average from here on out.

I love gardening.  I love the feel of the dirt in my fingers–not so much under the fingernails–and the smell of it.  I love, love, love the end product, when color splashes across the landscape and sets the mood.

Personally, fiery red, dazzling oranges and brilliant yellow is my favorite color scheme.  Dear Hubby enjoys the calming blues and purples.  Dear Daughter picked pink for this summer’s theme. 

Color plays a huge role in how we feel and I enjoy the ever-changing emotions as my landscape blossoms from one year to the next. 

Our novels, too, evoke specific feelings.  Some are dark and angry while others are snuggly warm.  Some writing calms us, while other stories spark our imagination and ignite new passions.

I just finished my young adult novel.  It’s dark and dangerous.  It raises the hair on the back of my neck and makes my heart ache.  Yet I wouldn’t call it black.  Rather a deep purple.  Bruised, yet multi-faceted if you look close enough.  Iridescent like the breast of a hummingbird. 

When the light catches it just right, it should shimmer with hope.

What color is your novel?