Just Keep Writing

Lately, I’ve spent more time on the road than in front of my computer.  During part of every trip I make it seems as if Finding Nemo is playing in the background.

And so I dedicate this post and this week to Dory, the forgetful little fish.

How has summer gotten in the way of your goals?  If you’re one of the rare writers who have kept on track despite the little surprises nature/family/friends like to throw your way, please tell us what you do to buckle down.

And, as always, just keep writing~



9 responses to “Just Keep Writing

  1. I’m usually more productive in the summer. The warmth and sunshine makes me happy and energetic! I don’t write much on the weekends, and that’s usually when distractions come in the form of spontaneous day trips and family stuff, so it works out good!

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

    • Love the productivity you see in the summer. It’s interesting to note the split. For the most part, summer either brings more or less time. I rarely hear of writers who can maintain a constant stream of productivity year-round.

      Glad to see that you balance family, fun and writing. That’s so important!


  2. I’m not as productive in the summer. Too many fun things to do, places to see…as a matter of fact, we’re leaving for a short trip tomorrow. Very exciting! So I try to write when I can. A little story here, an outline there…

    School’s back next week and our (boring) routine resumes, which means, time to hunker down in the writing cave. 😉

    Hope you’re having a great summer, Cate!

    • The best, Cherie. Thanks for the well-wishes. I wouldn’t trade my busy for anything, as it comes with a great family.

      Wow, I can’t believe school starts in your neck of the woods already. That is just crazy. Though it will be a welcome reprieve for the muse. I think she gets a bit grumpy when we go too many days away from the keyboard.

      Best luck with the start of fall and all the wonderful things it brings your way!

  3. I’d love to say I’d kept it together throughout the summer, but week to week it varies. The important thing is that when we have a moment free we seize it and feverishly scribble a few notes, give the muse something new to brew in her magical cup and be prepared for the day when it all changes and we are free once more.

    • Yes, seize the moment. Forget about the day!

      You are so right. Even when life uproots us, it is important to take the precious minutes it gives back. Thanks for the great perspective.

  4. I love summer 🙂 I hate trying to write during summer 😦

    I get so frantic to run around and have fun that I usually end up putting my writing on the back burner. This year has been (amazingly) different. For the first time since Finding Nemo came out in theaters, I don’t feel like Dory’s dorky and forgetful cousin!

    Cute post!

  5. Those three words are my screensaver. Whenever I stop writing long enough for my computer to sleep, there they are.
    Summer doesn’t make much of a difference on my productivity, mostly because I only spend the hours leading up to midnight writing. Also, having family living a couple hours away helps with the “surprises”.

    • Great Idea!

      I love the inspirational screensaver. Nothing like having your computer boot you in the behind! Thanks so much for sharing this.

      And how does anyone have the energy to write so late? I’m a sleep-baby and crash around 9.

      : (

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