Hodge Podge

I turned 40 on Monday, watched my two godson’s, went school shopping for my own four children, picked up Eldest Son’s senior picture proofs (now that made me feel my full 40 years) and am packing and cleaning for the Holiday weekend. 

I’m guessing next week’s blog will be sporadic at best, as our kids start school on Tuesday, I have a meeting on Wednesday, football starts Thursday and I’m flying out to visit my Big Sister for my birthday present.  (Thanks you, incredibly awesome Dear Hubby!)

Also, my computer has been acting its age–who knew it wouldn’t make it out of toddlerhood?!?!?–and throwing temper tantrums.  Needless to say, I’ve been reading more than writing lately.

So what have I read:

POSSESSION by Elana Johnson: great, dystopian YA

GERMS, GENES AND CIVILIZATION: don’t ask.  My Big Sister ordered it on Kindle and since we share accounts I ran across this monster of a science book…and got hooked.  Who knew the ologies could be so fun?

Pete Morin’s short stories: UNEASY LIVING.  Run, don’t walk to find this anthology.  I love his wit and charm and the way his stories really make me think. 

Also just finished THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES, another YA, though this is the third in Carrie Ryan’s trilogy.  Lovely writing, though a bit of a downer before you get the pick-me-up at the end.  But, of course, you say.  It’s a post apocalyptic novel…

Next on the list: THE PRAIRIE GRASS MURDERS by Patricia Stoltey.

And that’s a wrap. 

Hugs to all!


18 responses to “Hodge Podge

  1. Happy birthday!! Your awesome hubby picked a fabulous gift – which of course means you picked a fabulous hubby! 🙂

    I really enjoyed both Possession & the Prairie Grass Murders. I’ll have to pick up Pete’s anthology! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Happy Birthday! And have a lovely time with your big sister! 🙂

  3. Happy 40th, you young whipper snapper! 😀 I turned 40 last year and it did give me pause. However, be happy. By the time I’m picking up my daughter’s senior year pictures, I’ll be closer to 55. Ouch. LOL That’s the bad part about starting a family late. 😀

    • Yes, but you are an amazing Mama and have a very blessed little girl in your family. Not everyone can boast a heart as big as yours.

      Hugs and thanks for the wishes–not to mention that I’m ONLY one year younger than you!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you got a great present. Enjoy!

    My little girl starts preschool next week. How do you slow down time?

    • Steve,

      I wish I knew. Eldest is a senior this year and it seems like yesterday when he was crawling around on the floor with his toothless grin and fuzzy hair. Hug your babies every day and cherish the moments: good, bad and ugly. They are all precious.

  5. A late happy b-day… and you’re the other winner of MY b-day giveaway… hope to hear from you! 😉

  6. Oh, my goodness, you are such a youngster. You’re even younger than my two sons. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy The Prairie Grass Murders. I hope to get the second Sylvia and Willie novel, The Desert Hedge Murders, out there as a ebook one of these days.

  7. I cannot wait to read a book with an interesting title! While I do enjoy non-fiction, my current tome is simply titled “Human Resources Information Systems” – its as boring as the title, unless you like to read about computer stuff. I keep these lists and await the day I finish grad school and buy myself an e-reader. Keep the lists coming!

    And, happy birthday dear friend. Hugs to your sister, and thanks for loving my angels.

    • Thanks, Becca! I loved having your boys visit.

      I tell ya, those e-readers are fabulous for many reasons. Sadly, reading Human Resources Information Systems will not make my To Be Read list!


  8. Sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday! And NO WAY are you 40! You look way too young to be 40 (no lie!)

    I have yet to read Possession. I had Dark and Hollow Places at one time (I borrowed it from the library but then I got so busy I didn’t get past the first chapter when it was due back, and I couldn’t renew because someone else had it on hold. 😦 )

    I don’t have an e-reader, which is probably a good thing for me–otherwise, I will NEVER get anything done. 😉

    • Thanks for the birthday back pat. True story: I am 40!

      I hear you on the e-reader. I have to set up play dates with it, otherwise I”d spend weeks in the sandbox and never come up for air!

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