Writing Humor: Me on Time Management

Humor rocks my socks off.  In some ways, I’m a big kid who never grew up.  I laugh at kid jokes.  I tell kid jokes.  I smile when most other adults turn their noses up in disdain.

Heck, I have a three-legged dog in one my of novels, and after 273 read-throughs I still laugh at all the good parts.  But I’m quirky that way.  In fact, when my pirate chapter book received a pass due to the reader’s “dry sense of humor”, my immediate reaction was–under my breath whilst surpressing a grin–“Then why read a book that takes place on the ocean?”

I know, I groaned too.

But hey, at least you know where I’m coming from.  And now I’d like you to follow along and see where I’m going.

Today I’m guest posting at The Write Time.  Fantasy writer and fellow AQer, Dean C. Rich,  has a great blog on time management as it pertains to the writing life.  Please check out his blog and learn a thing or two about how I mismanage my time when it comes to writing and life.

Other things I’m doing today: helping out with vision and hearing checks for our elementary kids, finishing an edit of another chapter book (same quirky humor as the first) and getting started on cleaning my house.  Company is coming down this weekend for the marching band performance and the only room that’s clean enough for hosting is currently in someone else’s house.

It’s been a long summer with lots of dirt and I need to get to the bottom of it…er, on top of it before the dust bunnies carry us away.

What kinds of things tickle your tweeter?  Do you like dry humor, slap-stick or bathroom humor?  Are you mature in what makes you laugh, or can you find funny in almost anything?  And more importantly, do you write humor?  If so, how do you make humor rock instead of fall flat?

Curious minds want to know.

7 responses to “Writing Humor: Me on Time Management

  1. I swear I fell in love with my husband because of his sense of humor. I think I spent the first 3 months of our relationship with my legs crossed, trying not to pee my pants, he had me laughing so hard. lol. Our kids think he’s hysterical too. : )

    • So with you on this one, Cali. My hubby is also a laugh a minute. I couldn’t imagine a mirthless marriage. Not that I knew this 19 years ago, but as I get older, I’ve come to realize that this innate sense of shared humor has kept our marriage clicking along better than most.

      Let me know when you need the Depends!

  2. I like writing humor that is understated and sometimes can make us laugh at ourselves. Once in awhile I poke fun at myself and others close to me–particularly my mate. Sometimes I can make others laugh at things we take so seriously and also are painful: Isn’t that what the best comedians do? Having a wife who shares my humor helps.

    • Siggy,

      So true. Sharing is the best thing about humor. You’re blessed to have a wife who giggles when you do. Also, laughing at our hurts can sometimes help us heal. Not that it’s ever easy, but laughter can soften the blow.

  3. Glenn thinks midgets and bathroom humor is hilarious. Put the two together and he does the squeal laugh thing where you can’t understand what he is saying…you know what I’m talking about.:) good luck this weekend.

    • Oh yes, the great, breathless squeal…I can picture it now!

      Good think he’s teaching your oldest two to follow in his footsteps. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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